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  • Pilots worse than ever

    08. 01. 2011 19:09

Hi! Hope someone can explain...

Yesterday I bought a veteran +10 pack and a  expert +10. Used it on my TB and DB pilots.
Both are worse than before, ok, just a slightest difference for the TB... For example, auto DB
used to hit very well, after the expert/veteran upgrade, rarely hit any ship. This forced me to
learn how to manual DB.

Well, for DB I have 120 rec/118 exp/78 vet. For TB, 116/126/78.

Have a nice night! 

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  • Re : Pilots worse than ever

    08. 01. 2011 19:28

Experts, vets , skill pilots has nothing to do with Auto and Manual TB/DB.

It only affects the aaw resistance.

  • Re : Pilots worse than ever

    08. 01. 2011 19:29

When you mess with forum formatting. Don't make it go forever to the right of the screen....

Auto bombing is effected by direction planes are coming from, how the enemy ship moves and how the AI determines to drop. Nothing else... Try bombing from the sides, use manual bomb method to get close then about 1 ship length out right click spam the target. Or manual bomb <<<< Skill is better than easy mode.

Get more your rookies down below 30 and you'll be fine.

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