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  • elite crew for US bb...

    08. 07. 2014 10:17


what sort elite crew should i be buying for US bb???
(I'm not interested in AA... ) 


  • Re : elite crew for US bb...

    08. 07. 2014 10:27


If you want an honest and thorough answer, only elite repairs are worth it (get 3 or 4, see engies below). For the other sailors you're better off getting rolled ones:

gunners 11/11 (or 12/10) with 10+ repair
engies 10+/x/12 (depending on how many vets you're going to put on, get 6 or 7)
BO with good repair (could even be a late-classed elite repair that you level beside a normal BO)
scout with 12 aircraft and 10+ repair (that you can also late-class if you put some more vets on)

The repair all adds up and makes a difference later.

...but everybody here gets all-elite crews (lol)

  • Re : elite crew for US bb...

    08. 09. 2014 06:38


Elite Reps?

You should be able to cap it with 4 +11s with the amount of free experts given out these days. 

Hell, 5 engineers with mixed bases from beta produce 135 repair alone in the 130-140 vet range. Which means 3 reps should be doable, still without being elites.

  • Re : elite crew for US bb...

    08. 10. 2014 00:01


Well, norm, you noticed surely that talk wasn't of rep capping... something that most people don't try to do with their first crew.

Even so, in order to have a reasonable stab at the rep cap with three US elite repairers and seven engies with +10 repair base, you'll need no less than 200 vets on each. That gives 32.2 M repair true ability. Rest provided by BO, scout and gunners, if their repair is not too rubbish.

200 vets on ten sailors is already a tall order - I wouldn't recommend this as if it were nothing to do...

(NFcalc + calculator >> ingame repair display + intuition :D )