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  • IJN - Premium and Event shiplist

    09. 04. 2014 18:56


Special ships OUTSIDE of the regular BO SHIP TREE lines :

ECL .. declassified .. appears on BUY NEW SHIP list in dockyard
PCL .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PCA .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PBB .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
PCV .. premium ship .. purchased with OLIVES from NF item store
EBB .. event ship .. purchased with HONOR MEDALS or event COUPONS
ECV .. event ship .. purchased with HONOR MEDALS or event COUPONS


ECL(23) Yubari

PCL(33) Dhonburi
PCA(52) Asama
PBB(63) B-65 project

EBB(55) Mikawa
EBB(62) Haruna
EBB(79) Mutsu
EBB(84) Hyuga
EBB(96) Musashi
EBB(99) Shinano
EBB(113) Mikawa

ECV(62) Hiyo
ECV(74) Katsuragi

PCV(106) Zuikaku


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    10. 15. 2014 02:31


As requested on the US post:

Yubari: Basically a Tsukikei that trades 20% of its main battery for some torps. It's only advantages over the DD are higher sailor count due to actually having T slots, and more useable displacement. Slots are inadequate in both size and number to run as an AA ship. Good only for ASW and blitz. 

PCL Dhonburi: Something of a fun ship. Like all PCLs, the large number of support slots is counteracted by only having 2 armament slots. Small size, but poor firepower. Mounts 2 of either 8" twins or 6.1" trips. No scout to take advantage of the range.

PCA Asama: Unlike many other PCAs, this does not have its own guns. The 2 twin BB1 (12.2" L or 14" N) guns are something of a joke, as it generally can't hit much with its spread. It's primarily used for its T slots, which support either limited TW capability or modest AA with the excellent 4.7" Type 10A

PBB B65 Project: This ship is something of a contradiction. While most PBBs were intended as leveling ships, the best thing this has is the AA, which is best classed much later. The 12.2" trips have good range for their tier, but rather lackluster spread and low damage. It's barely adequate as a run-and-gun ship, but is best used as a mini-Yamato with the excellent AA battery. Not really recommended for leveling if you don't have IJN AA gunners ready.

EBB1 Mikasa: This is purely a fun ship. Its twin 12" guns have good range for their tier and fire faster than some 8" guns, but they hit like feathered pillows, and with only 2 turrets, it probably has the worst damage output of any BB in the game. It is relatively small, relatively fast, and one of only 2 EBB1s with PBB supports, but is not a competitive ship.

EBB2 Haruna: At level, it's nothing special. The Ise/Fuso have the same supports, similar level requirements, and more of the same guns (14" L). However, if you have BB3+ gunners, this can mount the Nagato guns with 2 binds and the same fire control, giving you almost a proper BB3 at BB2 level. Nagato gun rules apply: 16.1" Type 90 recommended for its armor pen (you can't afford AP with only 2 binds), but weighs a lot. So Type 3 if you want or need to save weight.

EBB3 Mutsu: This is a Nagato with 1 more support slot and better FCS, giving it excellent accuracy. It offers little else and is not generally recommended, as Hyuga is just plain better. But if you can aim, like the Nagato, and maybe want to practice for the Shinano, it's a very good ship.

EBB3.5 Hyuga: This is an Ise with Nagato guns, and has, since introduction, always been in contention for best ship in its class. The gun setup (2 fore, 4 aft) is a bit awkward and takes getting used to, but the 16.1" guns have good range, hit hard, and (in the case of the Type 90) have insane penetration. As usual, Type 90s are recommended to put the fear of god in UK AWs. A fun alternative seup is the Mikasa guns, as this has enough slots to actually do damage with them, and can easily go 45+ knots with such light weapons loaded.

EBB4 Musashi: Like all of its tier, it's just a regular BB4 with an extra crew slot and some more displacement and DP. That makes it a good ship though, as the Yamato is a beast, and it's good for leveling crew up to BB5.

EBB4.5 Shinano: Like most of its tier, this is a fun novelty ship. Unlike most of its tier, the Shinano is an amazing and deadly ship in its own right. The practically block-shotting 20.1" twins have high shell damage and good reload, and if you can aim, this can quickly devastate most opponents even if it usually fails to kill them outright. Only having BB4 supports is only a slight hindrance, and this can still be played with AA if desired, but is not so great as a leveling ship.

EBB5 Mikawa: I present you a Yamato without AA. This has only a bit over half the AA battery of the other Yamato series ships, and is more on par with the barely adequate Asama PCA there. The main bright spot is it can mount the Shinano's 20.1" twins while getting more supports and higher speed. This alone makes it a powerful ship.

ECV1 Hiyo: This is a Junyo that has 2-3 more planes and CV4 supports. The extra support slot - something you usually have to go a further 13-16 levels to get - makes it more versatile than normal CVs of its tier and good for grinding. Otherwise, nothing special here.

ECV2 Katsuragi: Basically does to the Unryu what the Hiyo does to the Junyo. Unfortunately, it still only gets CV4 supports, so this is less of a leveling boon than the Hiyo since you get something strictly better just a few levels later. Still of some use, but not a big deal.

PCV Zuikaku: This is basically a full step up from CV5, with significantly more plane space, more takeoff, and CV6 supports. If you're running IJN CVs, you owe it to yourself to get this. It will serve you well. However, do note that it was completely shafted compared to other PCVs in that it has only 8 small gun slots that are awkwardly grouped. This limits its ASW ability in normal rooms and can be a serious weakness in CV rooms, where most non-IJN cvs can easily outgun it if they get close.

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    10. 23. 2014 20:10


Mikawa: EBB5.5

Shinano: EBB5

Musashi: EBB4

Hyuga: EBB3

Mutsu: EBB3

Haruna: EBB2

Mikasa: EBB1  

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    11. 05. 2014 20:19


Thank You gentlemen .. (especially ErwinJA) .. it is Greatly Appreciated by the whole community
this is exactly the kind of community input that i was hoping for when i originally posted these lists

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    11. 05. 2014 21:39


the differnt systems and mixed numbering can (and does) confuse many people ...

the way i class them is by order ... regardless of hulls/guns/etc ... simple straight count ...

lets review .... 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 .... simple enough .. and something we all know


EBB1 (55) Mikawa
EBB2 (62) Haruna
EBB3 (79) Mutsu
EBB4 (84) Hyuga
EBB5 (96) Musashi
EBB6 (99) Shinano
EBB7 (113) Mikawa
EBB8 (115) . . . ? ? ? . . .

ECV1 (62) Hiyo
ECV2 (74) Katsuragi

... the same straight forward numbering 1-7(8) holds true for the other nations as well(*)

so far each nation has a total of 7 EBB's released (8th in testing ??) .. .. and each has 2 ECV's
and there are some consistient common denominators :

there is a lower ECV(1) and a higher ECV(2) for each
the not-yet-released-EBB8's will all be @ lvl 115ish
the EBB7's are all level 113ish
the EBB6's are all level 99ish
the EBB5's are all level 96ish
the EBB4-3*-2-1's are in order by lvls .. (*)
(*) .. with the exceptions being SN and MN ...
.. * .. MN has no EBB2 - instead it has 2x EBB3's .. provence 3.1 .. and .. le havre 3.2 ..
.. * .. SN also has 2x EBB3's .. poltava 3.1 .. and .. izmail 3.2 - but it then has no EBB6(99)

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    11. 11. 2014 19:37


One advantage of the Yubari, which ErwinJA forgot to mention, is that it can carry a scout plane, which enables players to start to develop pilots.

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    11. 27. 2014 10:56


The lvl from PCV(103) Zuikaku is 106

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    12. 06. 2020 07:12


Is it possible to get an update to this list given new ships added?