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  • BB game play

    09. 08. 2014 19:25



I just have a few questions for BB player. It might be basic but i figure it need to be asked. 

In general , how do you start engaging enemy BB if your range is lower or you have to stay back and keep waiting. In the waiting case, your team might end up get wipe out before you even have a chance. In the case of charging in, you need to assume you get hit when you come in range ? your ship might blow up in the process.

Specificly, on Monty, how do i start engaging another BB5, BB6 since its range is quite low when sailing toward the battle line ? or Do monty will need to stay back and wait as well. It is quite tedious when Monty appoarch the line and get out range and eventually got kiting by other BB5, 6. 

If that is the case, the only ship that safe to start engaging other ship and stay alive is Kaiser since it have the most range.

Can some pro player advide me.




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    09. 08. 2014 21:16


learn sling shotting (choose your front gun and get your nose in a bit and fire where your enemy is sailing and turn after you shoot then switch to your rear gun and fire to where you aim your front gun)

or let them be the one kited instead of you, let them follow you while your moving away from (fire at them while moving away of course :D ) 

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    09. 09. 2014 08:37


As Phantom said try to slingshoot. Learn thatn technique will be usefull for your game style in case you decide to try KM.

Another tactic use full is shooting while drive your ship back into your battle line. This will increase your range and for guns with 45 degrees with a high hang-time you will see the diference.

US BBs are great for hold the line and deadly if you use them properlly.

Don´t loose an important concept about Monty.
That BB5 have enough firepower to one-shoot any ship in NF, or hurt badly everything.

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    09. 09. 2014 21:45



Thank for all the help. I will keep trying or die trying :). It is not a forgiving game at all imho. A wrong manuver and you sink (2-3 salvo) plus sometime you dont have time to retreat back to the line. It makes a difficult to learn/ absorb what just happen.


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    09. 10. 2014 08:34


There is no standard answer to ur question, as it depends on the situation you are in.

For instance, if ur facing a bb6 which is all alone, you can rush it. If it has enough backup, that is mostly not an option.

Like mentioned above, sling-shotting will help you a lot. To put it really simple: click to move in, shoot ur front gun, click to move back and shoot ur back gun. It will give you some additional range, but watch out that you don't go in too far.

Monty is a nuke-ship, it can kill most ships with 1 good salvo. So make sure you know ur angles very well. Once you do, you can try to rush in sometimes when ur only vs 1 or 2 bb. A good hit (which requires good aiming) and they will be toast ;)

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    09. 10. 2014 13:10


Honestly, I always played defensively and let them come to me if BB4+, used my range advantage against BB3-, and only rushed in when they were blind or distracted. The same thing you do with a BB2-3.

If you want more: the thing with the Monty is that, like they said, it hits like a sledgehammer. And what's more: everyone knows this. Even if the enemy is not giving you a shot on them, you can still prevent them from gaining in the battle. Simply inch towards them slowly (as in just slightly angled from vertical) or feint a sudden rush by turing in and turning back quickly, and better than 9 times out of 10, any BB will retreat. A single Monty can easily keep 4-5 BB4+ at bay by just scaring them back. In GB, a coordinated rush is highly unusual, and that's the only way they'd go in.

If you keep that up long enough, the battle will grind down, and one of two things will happen:

-1) Your team will be losing, and the enemy will start to get more aggressive. You can get massive attack as they try and rush you, netting solid experience even in a loss. Just know your angles and keep aware of where they are. Again, they almost always come piecemeal (as fast as they can) rather than coordinating.

-2) Your team will be winning, and the enemy will be starting to focus on where their line has collapsed, often giving you a chance to get in and get some hits in.

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    09. 12. 2014 08:41


I'm more curious how you got a monty without already learning what you're asking...




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    09. 12. 2014 23:55


from event and shared xp

  • Re : BB game play

    09. 14. 2014 00:41



Event and shared exp help. However, the importain part is the game progression. If you are in BB2-3, even BB4 at the current game state, you are consider as a lower priority target. So, other BB tend not to go after you when they have a choice between sinking BB2-3-4 and BB5, so if you are in lower tier BB, you can affort to make more mistake and you can still recover.

At BB5, everything will go after you and a game expectation is you are at the front like, which is understandable if you desire so.

I would happy to stay at NC and Iowa as supported BB but the game is punish me by giving me less EXP, credit and point. So, pretty much is only option is to move on to the next BB tier.

Also, I would love to see SDE new design on EXP. i.e have higher tier BB, DD, FF which on dedicate to support role but that is very much wishful thinking.


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    09. 17. 2014 15:23


When in monty stay out of range and bait the others into following. Work together with your teammates, your strategy focuses on 1 on 1. Try to build up an advantage together with the other battleships of your team, as in prepare traps for rushing enemy, knock out the bb4s. When your team has 3 ships south and is blocked rather have one ship going up middle and hold defensive than trying to get in range which wont work.


Also you can wait for good moments like out of fuel scouts or rush with 4 bbs at once. Most important ist that you dont try to rush when there is a chance that it will get dark. When thinking you are the only bb your really forget about your teammates.

  • Re : BB game play

    09. 21. 2014 19:33


Just wanna add if ur Monty run less than 37 knot OH. Most of the above suggestions/tactics won't work well. Check ur crew(engy and repairs), are they high enough and good enough to run Monty properly?

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