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  • POW - Prince of Wales Guns for current NF

    10. 19. 2014 06:13


I'm trying to figure out what to run on POW but most of the artilces are a year or more old and I want to know what the best options are for current game as it is.

I usally amgoing with 2 x 4 on front and none on back getting speed of like 45. However, I can never get in close enough to do damage before I'm sunk by a bunch of BB's.

What guns could I use to get maximum range from POW. Is it possible to get max range and AW?

What are some setups that people like ot go with? I'd like to be able to actually do more than just rush in and hope to get one or two hard hits with 14" quads before being sunk. 


  • Re : POW - Prince of Wales Guns for current NF

    10. 19. 2014 23:49


the "standard" gunset for POW is the 14'' L versions, quad on the big slots and dual on the middle one. they don't block (have worst spread of all uk bb3 guns), but have real bb3 range (though still bad compare to other nations). you can AW with 2 front guns using either N and L versions. You can also try 16'' Mk1 guns for Nelson, which have same range as the 14'' L.

When I played the POW, I used both the "standard" speed whore setup with all 3 guns and AA, getting 40 knots. I also tried the 2 gun speed setup like you said. I have never try AW with any UK ship. I find that the standard setup is more consistent, but when played correctly, the SW setup can be deadly. I am not very good at it either, but I have faced SW POWs and it's a scary sight to see if you let them get in range and they know their angles. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what playstyle suits you best.

  • Re : POW - Prince of Wales Guns for current NF

    10. 20. 2014 19:27


It can also mount the QE's 15" twins, which have BB3 range. Less firepower, but awesome speed and good spread.