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  • Does anyone in this forum own a MSI laptop?

    10. 20. 2014 16:53


I would like to inquire from fellow NF'ers if there is any members who own a MSI laptop which is for gaming, my 2011 Toshiba is now overheating badly and I am contemplating getting a MSI just for gaming, can I have some reviews or feedback on the MSI brand and is it any good and does it suffer from overheating issues?


  • Re : Does anyone in this forum own a MSI laptop?

    10. 20. 2014 19:13


1.) MSI gaming laptops are decently respectible. 

A friend of mine owns a G something 60, it was ran over by a pickup truck (2 wheels directly on it) the day after it arrived and it still worked except for the LCD Display behind the screen. Only had to replace the LCD display for the screen. Everything after replacing that (which costed 1/11th the cost of the laptop) and it is fully functional with only cosmetic damage.

The higher end laptops are in the higher end heat range, but are designed to run at those temps. As long as none of the intakes/exhausts are blocked, it will be fine. 

Remember, while "laptops" they are not designed for you to be gaming with them literally on your lap. They expect them to be on a flat surface or cooling pad. 

I personally own mostly business laptops (I got 3 HP Compaq 6910ps, 1 Dell Lattitude D630, 1 new dell that model slips my mind atm (Not a business model), 2 T60 Thinkpads.

(Before you complain those are too many, your talking to a guy who has 2 full tower desktops at his desk, 2 more horizontal desktops under the couch he uses as a "desk chair" and a server room in his basement 2 floors below. And Yes, my power bill is pretty insane when I run everything at the same time, which I have done for some HAs, if I wasn't in my 4th semester of college, I would have replaced the 2011 AMD Desktop with Devils Canyon to go with the other Tower that is running Haswell and get a newer workstation laptop to replace the Dell D630.)

  • Re : Does anyone in this forum own a MSI laptop?

    10. 27. 2014 14:52


MSI is one of the few actual manufacturers. Most laptops you buy will be a rebadged MSI, Asus, ProStar, Clivo, and a few other manufacturers. So with MSI, at least you know you're buying from the original manufacturer.

I owned an MSI a few years back and the nVidia chipset went bad. But this was during the timeframe when nVidia chipsets were going bad in everything. Which is why the HP DV6000 with the nVidia chipset is virtually extinct. It was a good laptop.