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    08. 05. 2011 01:57

What are some advantages/disadvantages of Soviet CV?
How would it compare to other nations? 


  • Re : Soviet CV

    08. 05. 2011 03:52

SN have great bomber . In my opinion , SN have the bset bomber in game . About the Fighter , it's average against other nation but biggest disagvantage for SN FP is the speed . don't drag them to chase enemy FP because u won't stand against KM and US FP

  • Re : Soviet CV

    08. 06. 2011 02:22

hmm then how would I play SN fighters/bombers if it doesn't have speed?

  • Re : Soviet CV

    08. 07. 2011 11:46

They are like tanks, you need to position your fighters to where the enemy is coming to you, otherwise, your fighters are toast, as they cannot chase down other fighters.

  • Re : Soviet CV

    08. 07. 2011 15:05

Soviet T3 fighters are like buffed UK fighters. I'm very much enjoying the style, it's different from other nations. I actually prefer driving SN CV to KM since they offer stronger DB. Though KM still has the edge on fighters.

Look forward to the CV5, that can mount 5'' AA/HE level 32. Long range, golden angle 31/32, can kill SS4 surfaced in 3 or 4 shots. CV4 also has lots of R slots but can only mount 3 binds of Minizini's.

  • Re : Soviet CV

    10. 17. 2011 22:53

How good sn t4 compare with km/us?

  • Re : Soviet CV

    10. 18. 2011 01:03

SN fighters are really strong(good firepower) in dog fights but too slow

SN DBs carry the strongest bombs but too slow

SN TBs carry the fastest torps but also too slow and the damage of torps is lowest
but the torps can explode in very short range(3m) while other nations can't deliver damage not above 1 in that range

in my opinion, SN CV is a great choice to use all 3 kinds of planes
because all 3 has at least above average status :)

  • Re : Soviet CV

    10. 18. 2011 06:08

how do we minimize the "slow speed" of this nation? do u have any special tactics ?

  • Re : Soviet CV

    10. 23. 2011 19:09

Originally Posted by razernaga

how do we minimize the "slow speed" of this nation? do u have any special tactics ?

I don't know... SN ftrs can't force enemy to fight with them
so I always try to drag them and wait for them to start dogfight with my fighters. if I follow enemy fighters, I can't reach them and I lose my ftrs

and DBs and TBs are very tough and have good bomber ability which is related with toughness(durability?)
so they can't easily shot down by enemy's AA

  • Re : Soviet CV

    10. 23. 2011 19:20

they are BWs. lol

  • Re : Soviet CV

    07. 29. 2012 10:03

SN have great DB as far as i know SN don't have CV6 (komsomolets > P71 > P72 > kosrtomintinova > Tsar)

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