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  • Red Bull Kills ...

    10. 30. 2014 19:15


whether or not you buy into the hype and hoopla surrounding the claim that red bull kills  ..
i thought this was an interesting juxaposition :

Red Bull has been criticized for its marketing with extreme sports pictures, including those of at least six known fatalities.  Red Bull has been criticized for health risks in the past; however, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) concluded that the levels of taurine and glucuronolactone used in Red Bull and other popular energy drinks are safe

Especially during the reign of Pope Alexander VI, they were suspected of many crimes, including adultery, simony, theft, bribery and murder (especially murder by poisoning). Lucrezia was rumored to be a notorious poisoner and she became famous for her skill at political intrigue. However, recently historians have started to look at her in a more positive light: she is often seen as a victim of her family’s deceptions.  Because of their grasping for power, they made enemies of the Medici, the Sforza, and the Dominican friar Savonarola, among others. They were also patrons of the arts who contributed to the Renaissance.


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    11. 01. 2014 01:19


I dont drink energy drinks but i would not  doubt it causes problems. I only drink coffee.


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    11. 08. 2014 09:35


Wasn't there a basketball player died few moments after drinking RedBull and his mom tried to gold digg through her son death?