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  • The New CL Proposal, (revival of lost topic)

    11. 10. 2014 15:32

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This is the resurrection of former topic, which was deleted by accident. At the time of deleting, this topic had about:

236 recommendations,


62 replies.




People, my fellow captains, I put a good effort on this and I will appreciate if you support it.


My design proposal is rougly based on IJN ECL Yubari, which is the lowest level CL in game.

LvL 23, Name Aurora (this name belongs three 6" cruisers, Canadian, British  and Russian)

Classificaton; Light Cruiser (CL)
Cost; 45000
DP; 7400
Displacement (Normal/Max); (2200 / 4100)
Power Plant; 26          -enough to fit best existing neutral engine
FCS; 30          -enough to fit best existing neutral fcs
R Slots; 6 x 43    (so she can fit existing 6" neut singles with 3 binds of ammo. 6x6", equal to 3x dual 6")
Three slots forward, three slots rear. with 280 to 300 degree arc.
T Slots; 2 x 22     (so it can fit existing 2x triple neut launchers. tandem, 130 degree arc, each of them able to fire both sides)
Aircraft; None
Crew Slots; BO, 2x R, 2x T, 3x Support
AAW Defence; 150
Overheat Ratio; 40%


Comparison of DD02 vs Neutral CL (Aurora)


It uses  existing  neutral guns, existing neutral torp launchers, existing fcs and existing engines. Its size should be like 1.5 times the leght of neut dd2 and the same widht of neut dd2.

If you put these values into effect, it will not be OP, will not be too weak, people will adore it, and people will thank you for implementing it.


Ships named Aurora:

Canadian Aurora:

British Aurora:


Russian Aurora:    -(this one is still alive!)


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do it please navyfield

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