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  • Tenn 1945 Crazy Bull Crew

    12. 19. 2014 15:47



I have completed my KM Grind and I am powerlevelling a IJN crew atm.

For my next project I am looking to raise a crew for rushing and messing around with using the elite sailors im winning from this event.

I know UK, MN and RM are best suited to this, but I really like the way the Tenny 1945 looks and want to give it a go.

I was wondering what would be best crew set up to achieve this?

So far from the event I have:

Elite potential (im guessing for BO)'
2 x Elite reload (main gunners)
3 x Elite engineer
1 x elite repair

So just using elites and any boosts from this event

what crew set up would USN players recommend to make a mean Tenny 1945 crazy bull ?

Atm I am thinking I might need 6 engineers and 2 repair - I dont want to use T slots



  • Re : Tenn 1945 Crazy Bull Crew

    12. 19. 2014 17:29


several points:

-Tenn 45 is a good ship, but for your playstyle Penn 43 might be better, as it is easier to speed capped. One advantage Tenn 45 has though is gun arcs; it can fire all guns almost directly forward/backward. 

-I hope you will have a scout in your setup

-Looking long term, I assume you would want to look beyond bb2 level. For that, you need 10 support sailors. (no AA/HH as you said) Most people would use 6 Eng and 4 Rep. At bb2 Level, 6 Eng and 2 Rep might be too unbalanced, as you would get diminishing returns from the engines. 5 and 3 may be better. Try both and see which one is better. At the end, you will need to level all 10 supports, though.

-Note that the bb2 14'' triples have terrible spread. Alternatively, you can mount dual 16 Mk2s on the Tenn 45 (another advantage over Penn 43). The 16 duals has better spread, slightly more range, but higher angle (40 vs. 30). Again, try both and see which one you like better. Personally, I cannot stand the 14 triples.

-Not that you could mount useful AA on US bb1s (except for Guam), but having HH on secondary mounts might make you more useful in Nevada and Tenn 41. Something to think about.

-Elite potential for BO is a waste. You need to trim crew at higher levels for your sight anyway, and you will only have 9 repair. 14 potential / 11 repair or even 13 /11 much better. You need every repair you can get!

-Good luck and have fun with your grind!

  • Re : Tenn 1945 Crazy Bull Crew

    12. 21. 2014 16:13


thank you :)

  • Re : Tenn 1945 Crazy Bull Crew

    12. 23. 2014 08:15


TBH if u want to play a rushing game MN BB4/5/6 are the best, front gun setups are really fun.

You're not going to have too much fun by the time u get to the Monty in this playstyle, but you do end up with one of the best BB6's in the game.

  • Re : Tenn 1945 Crazy Bull Crew

    12. 24. 2014 06:56


THank you for the replies, the information and insight has been most useful :)

Having thought about it for two days or so I have decided that as much as I like the look of the tenny Ill go down the MN path as its going to be more playable for me