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  • Guidelines during crossing

    12. 26. 2014 11:17

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So that poll taken back in March of 2012... The one asking if we'd like our guidelines to turn red while we are being crossed or we are crossing. There was a 95% vote to have that come into effect.

Can we make that happen?

Would be super convenient. It would limit a good bit of frustration. Many of us know the feeling of looking at the end of our lines waiting to line up on a ship, firing, seeing to shells land, then 'g'ing back to see our teammate crippled and smoking.

It angers a lot of people, each blaming the other. A loss of DP and a huge exp cut is no fun for anyone.

Please and thank you.


  • Re : Guidelines during crossing

    12. 26. 2014 17:24


As far as i understood they made it, but the load work for server was too much (constant checking for all the ships if they are crossing or not) and made the game slower, i think that's why they never incorporated it to the game.

Anyways ask it via ticket, they can give you more reliable information.