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  • absurde Situation

    08. 07. 2011 17:43

We have been having a lot of problems with the nf install, problems that only you are trying to solve trough a few parch, but those parch produce more problems in stead of solutions.

In my opinion, the fault of the developers, because they can't create a simple solution, only they are causing that the players are leaving the game and that is a serious problem.
the numbers of players of our fleet has decreased, because the install and data corrupted problem. the famous patch "data file corrupted" caused more problems. we have players who can't install the game and players who can't log in. now we need by developers a real and final solution for this . i insit of your ineptitude to solve the problems, and this think is causing that many players are leaving the game.

Chile Fleet Leader


  • Re : absurde Situation

    08. 07. 2011 17:47

alright, captain obvious.

I think there is enough bash the dev thread out there. Go participate to one.

And it won't change shit.

So stop trying to push them to suicide, and stop buying prem if you want them to move.

I'm pretty sure they are laughing at the whine threads with popcorn in their office at that point anyway.

ow and IBTL

  • Re : absurde Situation

    08. 07. 2011 18:47

There are 2 threads to solve the corrupt file issue in the Technical Support Section and for most people they do work.

I know it's not a perfect solution, but it helps and I'm sure it will get fixed in later patches.

If the solution in the thread linked above doesn't work for a specific person, please send a Support Ticket so it can be resolved.

For other type of technical problems, please send a Support Ticket since its the way to solve the issues.

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