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  • Sell back premium items.

    01. 07. 2015 07:48

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Whether we bought them and then thought it better or we got items from events that we don't need, it would be nice if we could sell back premium items.

For half their price or something like that, to make it profitable for SDE too.

I know there's a refund option on the item store, but it only applies to bought  items, and for a reduced amount of time from the purchase.

I don't know if this is doable with the way the store works currently.


Edit: the olives from the sold back items should be separated, and when spent, not counted for events / medals.


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    01. 07. 2015 08:01


So that people that exploited the last event can get unlimited olives?

No thanks. 

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    01. 07. 2015 08:26


People who supposedly exploited last event or any event should be investigated and if the exploit is confirmed, banned. In fact I think a lot of people were banned because of exploiting events lately.

Anyway, this suggestion is for the people who plays normally without abusing, but who happen to have lots of items they don't need. I don't have any problem having my account investigated so they can confirm that I've never exploited anything. 

If the problem with this idea is "exploiters" then first do something to eliminate them, and then work on this (?).

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    01. 07. 2015 10:43



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    01. 17. 2015 15:50



The idea is good but it needs some reworks. How?

Similar, like selling the sailors ongame but here is the thing, once you upload your item to "sell" add Taxes feature, SDE also wins.

You don't get " Actual currency of the item value" but you do get Olives, if you sell this item, it will cost you somewhere between 6%.  Seems small amount but multiply it by the amount of users who use this system. Taxes should be applied daily to Buyers and sellers. 

Someone buys an item equivalent to 3.00 USD, then the taxes should be .18 cents from buyer and another .18cents from seller, SDE wins .36 cents.

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    01. 18. 2015 19:29


     I have multiple ship tree resets, and I will never need any of them.  Many Many ship tuning items that I will never use!  It would be nice to be able to sell, or sell back to SDE.

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    01. 18. 2015 19:55


well if your concern is with that, make them a tradeable item that you can do points and credits for then sde doesnt gain anything players on your team that need them can have them and you have credits and points for any ship ya might have to buy and really you arent out anything in the long run .

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    01. 18. 2015 21:11


I like the idea, but we should get full price not 1/2 for them.

Ill recomend it.

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    01. 21. 2015 06:43


u have my full sopprt fella...i don care we don get 100% original price but atleast we get to use somthing we got from playing this game...smthing that we don even need but we got it..please respect players who still play this game although its dying years by years..