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  • Scout pilots

    01. 18. 2015 12:59

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Esta mi sujerencia, yo creo que los bb, ca y cl, deberian usar solo hidroaviones, por que esos solo fueron diseñados para despegar de catapultas, en cambio, los scout de nl 90 y 115 solo desbegan de pistas largas, y solo se usarian en los cvs como debe ser, esto no lo hago para perjudicar a nadien, solo lo digo por que es lo que deberian usar los barcos correspondientes para los cuales fueron hechos. Un gusto a todo el Team NF, y opinen.


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    01. 18. 2015 15:16


Can anyone translate to english please ?????

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    01. 18. 2015 17:49



 This my sujerencia, I think the bb, ca and cl, should use only seaplanes that these were only designed to take off from catapults, however, the scout nl 90 and 115 only desbegan long tracks, and only would use in the cvs as it should be, that I do to harm nadien, just as I say that is what they should use the corresponding vessels for which they were made. A taste of all Team NF, and comment.

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    01. 18. 2015 18:59


Authenticity is cool,

BUT I could see the whole server rage quit if this happened.

I couldn't imagine any BB player or CV player that would think it's a good idea to lower the lvl of scouts available to BB's, CA's or CL's.

It's a bit like BB's should have sonar, but not in this game, nobody would play ss anymore, and you'd see less people playing support roles.