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  • Fix Fail Game Database locking, and memory leaks

    08. 08. 2011 20:22

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Instead of worrying about ss4 and other improvements to in-game planes, subs, and other misc. stuff fix the core problems with the game. Navyfield is loosing players fast and it is because nobody takes the time to fix the core problems with Navy Field. I myself am about at ends with this game I have played 50 or so games today and 25 of those have been fruitless in experiance, creds, points, or anything because of crashing during game or after game win. This is rediculous there is no sense in trying to reach lvl 60 let alone 120 in this game when crashes literally double that time or triple the already outrageous time it takes to lvl after lvl 65 even with prem. In my opinion the only reason this game is still around is because it is the only one of its kind. If anyone out there can make the same kind of game without the bugs that have lasted for 6 years Navyfield will die and with it the grim reality of the poorest software developers epic fails will be to blame. Fix this game or merging servers down to one will unltimately signal the end for nf and the doors will have to close when paying customers take it else where.