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  • FAB CV

    03. 07. 2015 01:36


Do it have more efficiency in GB.

I have 4fp 2tb 2db. I use tb to anti sub.
or I should to be use 5fp and 3db. 


  • Re : FAB CV

    03. 08. 2015 18:04


For "efficiency", you should stick to a maximum of 2 types of aircraft. Perferably in a 5/3 or 6/2 setup. where the larger dictates your primary objective.

  • Re : FAB CV

    03. 13. 2015 20:05


For cv6 I think 2scouts 3 ftrs 3 tbs or db is best. For Pcv 2 scouts 2 ftrs 4 tbs or dbs. Use scouts for vesion and mines, ftrs to blind the enemy and escort bombers. Mines and TBs is a nice 1 2 punch, I just think TBs are more fun than dbs I guess.  But I think you have to have some attack abilities or your at the mercy of your bbs to play well. And useing ftrs to scout sucks, they just don't have enough fuel to do the job, turns you into a human macro trying to keep replaceing planes, ties you down.

  • Re : FAB CV

    04. 08. 2015 08:23


for me, the best CV is a RF or RA or RB.

RF: 1 scout 7 fighter ( with the scout 5, you just need to be in the good place and you'll make light without difficulty and you can make Fc )

RB: 1 scout 7 DB or 2 scouts 6 DB

RA same for RB.

  • Re : FAB CV

    05. 12. 2015 03:48


2S 6F for US.

if you feel like being a complete detriment to your team run 2S 6 TB or 6 DB

always run 2 S though for the mines