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  • Less wait more playing

    08. 11. 2011 00:49

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I have noticed that currently the policy in this game is about waiting rather then playing the game. You see alot of players joke that it is call wait field not navy field.

I am not sure if the game would be able to implement this suggestion but non the less I belive it would change alot for this game.

NF has become a game that I don't want to play anymore for the fact that its not fun to sit around waiting. You play a game to play it
the biggest change you could make that would get alot more activity for this game is to go with something like World of Tank is doing.

World of Tanks alows players to fight in a battle and after their death exit out of that battle and go to another of their tanks (one that is currently not still in a battle) and start playing another game.
If this was implimented into NF I think alot more players would come back and play. No one likes sitting around for waiting for a room to start for 8 mins to play a 15 min game.

I know this would be a little less fair to the CV players since they generaly live longer then most other ships. Yet if this was applied you would see more games and less waiting time.

Some people could say that you stay and watch to learn to play. Well honestly from what I see from most players watching dosn't teach me anything playing and learning my ship is what gets me to be a good player.
I find SDE rewards you for waiting to the end of the battle in hopes of getting 3k more exp. 

SDE seems to have a different way of thinking, it seems like they feel you need to stay in battles longer. I don't get why they want less play time for more waiting.
An example of this would be you have to wait to the end of the match to get a coin for the coin event. Why? What is the point of rewarding players for not playing just sitting doing nothing?

I can see a potential problem as some players would use this to fast lvl. Rush in and get a hit die and leach exp in rooms such as GB1 or GB2 but overall the need to do this would be less my suggestion would be helping players lvl faster anyway.

I think that this change perhaps not that simple to implement (be it a simple idea) would allow this game to be enjoyed again by new and old players.
It would bring back the fun of playing the game instead of the frustration of waiting half as long as long as the time you play.

You know there is something wrong with your game system if people feel the need to pick up a book or minamize to play minesweeper while playing your game.