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  • Super Yamato Guns

    06. 23. 2015 14:55



i just got my SY, and i have 105Gunners, but when i look on the NF site at Game Info/Components it shows that at lvl 100 i should have 18.9"/45 Type 5  guns.

From what i have seen in the forum i think these guns are at lvl110.

Can someone confirm two things for me:

1. is the Game Info wrong to show 18.9"/45 Type 5  at lvl 100?
2. at lvl110 should i get these guns or should i keep the guns from Yamato? Wont this be bad to have BB4 range? 


  • Re : Super Yamato Guns

    06. 23. 2015 16:56


Level 89 BB should have level 91 gun on their BB. Level 103 BB should have level 100 gun. Yamato gun is 18.1"/45 Type 94L. 
Super Yamato gun is 18.9"/45 Type 5. 

  • Re : Super Yamato Guns

    06. 24. 2015 07:04


stay with the level 100 set. the x2 from 110 lowers your damage output drastically!

  • Re : Super Yamato Guns

    06. 25. 2015 11:37


A little help for the future:

Go to Game Info on the site menu, click components, and click the rising sun. The information is outdated in a few areas, especially if there's been a recent change, but is mostly accurate. Still, it will be more up to date and harder to confuse yourself with than forum posts from years ago.

The 18.9" are level 100. They have been for as long as BB5s have been around. The 110 guns are the 20.1"/45 Type 98A. They also have always been that way. The 110 guns are inferior to the 100 guns in every BB5 that has them. Never use a level 110 gun. Ever.