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  • Rechelieu setup

    07. 05. 2015 15:16



I need advice regarding to the guns setup at my Rechelieu. Can't fing info and that is so ask community help.

With the front R slot everything is more or less clear 2x14'x4, right?

Rear R slot is useless imho or it is just my mistake and it could be configured in some special way?

Any help is very welcome.



  • Re : Rechelieu setup

    07. 05. 2015 19:51


Yes, the lvl 91 14.96" guns quadruples on the front slots. On the rear R-slots, I'd only put Hedgehogs. At the moment, they are not that useful, as there are no subs ingame. But after the event...

I see most Richelieus without AA, but if you're good at it, put the standard French AA guns on the T-slots (the lvl 20 3.5" doubles, they are excellent).

  • Re : Rechelieu setup

    05. 02. 2019 20:18


To answer you directly (before I begin my rant) the rear R slot you must control and isolate using the Z and C buttons to select front/rear R turrets. The back turrets can have 4x3.5"/50Cal AA guns to snipe down scouts, or 4x5(7) depth charge launchers. I find sniping down scouts more beneficial to your team, but you'll always be cross with yourself when a sub is chasing you lol.

And my final advice would be to ditch the Richelieu all together because the ship is outranged by BB3's and just keep with the Dunkerque until EXP becomes unbearable. Because Richelieus range is just appalling.

  • Re : Rechelieu setupE

    03. 08. 2020 11:03