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  • Login time is over.

    07. 21. 2015 08:05



And no, before you guys tell me my internet is crap, I can play other games flawlessly. I just had to reinstall and this happened. 


  • Re : Login time is over.

    07. 21. 2015 14:44


I have the same problem, have not been able to play in over a month.

Yet my dad's account has no problem logging on ever. 

  • Re : Login time is over.

    07. 21. 2015 15:31


Same issue for me they just tell me its on my end but like rocketeer said I can log on to other accounts just fine.

  • Re : Login time is over.

    07. 22. 2015 09:10


So I guess the mods won't answer this question. 

Guess it's really high time to stop playing this. T'was nice to meet you all. 

  • Re : Login time is over.

    07. 26. 2015 04:00

Hi maistral, have you tried these?

I receive the message, "Server Failed to connect to server / Login time is over ".
This error occurs when the Navy Field server is being updated or checked. So, please check the ‘News and Updates’ section on Navy Field's website for further details.
Otherwise, this error may occur when:

  • Your IP is blocked by an Antivirus software package or a firewall. Please remove or disable these programs and try again.
  • If you use an internal router or virtual IP, then you need to ask the Network Administrator for assistance.

Are there any firewall settings that I can apply to help NF connect properly?
Navy Field uses TCP ports 8001 and 16671. You may add these to your router/firewall's port forwarding settings.

  • Re : Login time is over.

    05. 08. 2017 22:38


I'm getting the same error. I was already in a game. Then I changed the name of my wireless connection and it disconnected me from the game. Now I can't login. Login time over. Please try again.


  • Re : Login time is over.

    05. 23. 2017 02:45


me too, got this error after last maintenance for change server location