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  • so about stern mounted dc's

    09. 28. 2015 12:30

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You know this suggestion is already a thing, you know it's not overpowered, especially if ya limit the torpedp space just for deph charges. Sure Frigate y has it, but what about all other frigates and destroyers? Ships such as fletcher, somers, and fubuki all had dc's on there stern and to top it off there even visibly there in game, but we can't use em.

I will not bring up the fact of overpowered hh's and and the massive damage radius of dcs as most of you already know that by now. If I could mod nf, stern mounted t slots for dcs would be the first thing when dd's and brethren come to mind. Sure it's hard for a sub to hit a tiny ff/dd...unless you got km proximity or a wall of torps. Maybe this wasn't talked about as much as I thought? Yall know gb isn't just ss, cv, and bb, most other players are either new and curious, play asw with hh and hh alone, or aa ships(I confess, this is how I leveled up on brooklyn line). 

- Add Stern mounted t slots for all ships that had them historically, make sure they are the second t slot to avoid confusion with the torps/hh
- reduce dc radius
- nerf hh to only use as asw

But I am curious, what do you guys think? Sure I may not have noticed how bad my grammer is atm, but thats not the point.