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  • King of the Hill

    11. 26. 2015 02:38

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I don't think this has been recommended before which is surprising. 

I think it would be awesome if there were some new battle types introduced to vary the game a little.  One possibility being King of the Hill.

The game would be a territory based mission where two teams fight to control a number of territories.  Each territory is marked by a flag with a radial area.  The team with the most ships in that tarritory controls it (maybe based on total displacement rather than no. of ships).  For every second a ship is in the area, points are awarded to the overal team score, and when that reaches a certain number, the game is over and the team with the highest wins.  A ten minute timer stll applies, and at the end of the ten minutes if no team has reached the goal then simply the team with the highest points win.

When in the area, it will obviously be a hotspot for cannonfodder, so ships within the circle, and only whilst they are in the circle, receave a reduced damage buff to counteract the focus.  

Another possiblity is that each area can only yeild a curtain amount of points, and when those points are depleted, the area disapears.  This will prevent campers, and force the battle to move on elsewhere in another location.

Hope this is taken seriously and with consideration.  I have played a lot of PvP games over the years and am pretty amazed that NF is the only one that has failed to make any noticable changes over the years, which is disapointed considering the potential of the game.