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  • UK AA without ability cap

    01. 23. 2016 07:16


Hey guys

I'm leveling a couple of level100-NotClassedYet-DPgunners to use the lighter version of the 5.3"/ 50 RP 10 Mark I (A-guns) on my Emerald to exp some crew or as an escort, or on my BB/CV. (The regular version of this gun is waaaaay too heavy)


Most data I find on NF Forum and other websites talk about the 2.000k ability cap and I already reached that.  But now it seems that there are no more ability cap and I don't know if I can class them now and play with them or if I should wait longer to class them (i.e. will the difference be small or big ?).


I made a test with my main Rld Gunners (higher level, more experts and more crew) to compare with my DP Gunners (not classed yet). They used the same guns (4"/ 45 cal QF HK Mk XVI) in the Emerald ship ; the rld gunners are on the R slot and the AA gunners in the T slot


Pictures for full data :

As we can see in the test, the main gunners reload 2x faster than the DP gunners, so it means that the DP gunners can shoot faster if they increase their stats (and experts, and vet).


My question is :

The DP Gunners will never reach the reload of my main gunners, but will it worth the wait to class them at 120 instead of 100 ?


  • Re : UK AA without ability cap

    08. 21. 2016 19:50


I am sorry I cannot answer your question but are you aware that U.K. DP gunners lose their ability to fire normal small guns when they hit level 115?

  • Re : UK AA without ability cap

    12. 23. 2016 11:37


Perhaps smaller guns work with a different rld ability cap compared to huge guns, but I can assure you the AA type 5.3"" RP 10 Mark I guns are NOT worth it.

The fatal defect lies in its short range. You can't effectively AA any planes with it if you are surround by MN/IJN/KM AA ships (they'll shoot down the plane way before it comes into your AA range). Even if there are no other AA ships around, your friendly fighters will probably eat enemy planes first.