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  • Keep blitz/skirmish alive!

    03. 15. 2016 05:49

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Hello! I absolutely love playing blitz. And I hope it can stay alive. In order to keep it alive can SDE maybe think of making it 100-250% xp boost or something like that along with random item drops? Doesn't even have to have the tier 4 drops(ebbs olives etc.) it can just have xp boost,vets,experts and premium sailors(boosts.) and even maybe apply this to skirmish so people in that hard grind range (80-100) (blitz to waw) can have a fun and successful grind. It would be most appreciate to the navyfield community. I am sure the new players would love to play blitz and get attack instead of getting 1 shotted by bb4-bb6. And also like I said earlier it would be a easier crew grind. Anyone agree or have any other ideas? Let me Know! Thanks guys? -ethor98


  • Re : Keep blitz/skirmish alive!

    03. 15. 2016 11:10


You're not the first one to suggest something like this... There aren't enough players to have 3 room types going all the time. grinding from lvl 80 to lvl 91 (usable BB4) is not that bad, especially with all the events going on all the time. I do agree that blitz should be boosted in some way so it doesn't die completely, But the real problem is the lack of new players.