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  • Alsace questions

    06. 07. 2016 16:42


I just got an Alsace and had a few questions.  

What armor should I be using?  I put on .2 belt and then put as much bulge as I could without losing speed.  I am not sure if this applies to the Alsace or not but this is what I was using before.

How would I maximize my speed?  I removed the rear gun and gained some speed but I was wondering if the number of experts and vets affects this at all.  Is it possible I have too many vets?  Right now with only the front two guns (and HH) I am getting 27/36 which seems pretty low.  With all 3 guns I was getting 24/32.  How could I increase the speed?

Also, which engine should I be using?  I have always used heavy but I'm not sure if people use light or normal at all.


  • Re : Alsace questions

    06. 13. 2016 16:26


engine with most horsepower(which ever1 and heavy)

vets are good, sounds like u need more, or better engineers to increase speed(yes those are low speeds) 

  • Re : Alsace questions

    07. 10. 2016 20:06


You need more engies and more vets on your engies. Vets add OH and more engies will add speed.

It is possible that you dont have the right engine on the ship. 

Max speed is 42knots with all 3 turrets. You can take off the rear turret and gain speed and then you would be like the EBB. Not a bad setup.