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  • BB Starter Pack and Newbie Questions

    09. 15. 2016 16:43



Just got the BB starter pack and although it doesn't seem to complex I have a few questions.  The first is what engines and guns to use on my ships?  I just got an O-Class (RN Bridge Operator) and there are a bunch of different choices.  Also, someone in game told me to do reload gunners, but the gunners who came with the pack are named Accuracy.

I was also told to do the tutorial.  I completed the first one and at the end I didn't get any experience points, all my sailors were off my ship when I was back in the dock, and I got a message saying I had access to a Battleship for 24 hours, though I couldn't find it in the RN or Neutral docks.

As well I'd definitely appreciate links to other threads dealing with some of these issues.

Thanks a bunch 


  • Re : BB Starter Pack and Newbie Questions

    09. 17. 2016 07:05


First Welcome to NF!!!

When your Sailors over Lvl 12 than use Hedhogs to hunt Submarines. ( Thats very good for Lvling new Ship ) When you Overheat is full than you see Submarines under water. 

When you don´t want take Hedhogs than take with lvl 12 lvl 12 guns:
 x1 4,7"/45 QF Marks IX D (

With lvl 15 you can take double Guns:
 x2 4"/45 cal QF HA Mk. XVI 

I have classed my Gunner on Acc and the Reload time is very good. 

What Base your Gunner have?

PN me Ingame if you have any Question I try to Answer :-)

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    09. 27. 2016 12:06

firstly also welcome to Navyfield at least if you want to have at the end a BB6 you need the following sailors, some you already bought with the BB starterpack 1. 1 x BridgeOfficer - already in the starter pack 2. 2 x gunner - already in the starter pack 3. 1 x scout - best is to roll one with Base 12 4. support setup : 7 x engies + 3 x repper or 8 x engies + 2 x repper you can roll the missing sailor, but this take time to get min. base 12 sailors or you can buy some sailors in NF store. And there are a lot of good guides in the royal navy section, it mane really sense to read trough over some guides. have fun in NF

  • Re : BB Starter Pack and Newbie Questions

    09. 29. 2016 18:21


Well, as a first, I'd like to welcome you to the game as others have done.

And then I'll answer the question the others haven't: As a general rule, you want the engine with the highest horsepower among those available. The extra speed is almost always more valuable than any weight savings or increased overheat times. This holds true for the vast majority of ship classes. For the O Class, I think it should be the DD Engine I (Heavy) that you choose.

Now, as to gunners, your gunners are indicated as being accuracy ones in the pack, but that only indicates their base stats, and does not preclude them from being classed otherwise. In general, you want to class all main gunners as reload every time. The reason is both stats have caps after which additional ability means nothing (they still get a level-based bonus, but that's fixed). This is FAR harder to attain for the reload stat than the accuracy one. For the RN, you have the added problems of the growth rate in the stat you didn't choose getting reduced, and you're locked in to whichever path you choose (you can't go one way, then the other). No other nation has either of these issues. As a result, if you choose accuracy, 109 vets and full experts (minimally decent crew) still won't get you to the reload cap by BB6. If you choose reload on the other hand, that same crew should have hit BOTH caps by the time you have a BB4, nearly 30 levels earlier.

There are a number of threads regarding ability calculation and caps in the Tips and Tactics section. Just search for "true ability," "[crew type] ability," and "[crew type] classing." Going to the Royal Navy forum and searching for "crew" is also recommended. Search content if titles don't show much, and remember that many of these will also discuss the merits of how to class sailors as well. Also note that some of the older threads may have some inaccuracies due to players not knowing about changes. As a new player, I recommend looking up advice for every sailor type as you get to the point you can class it up.

I have no idea about the "battleship" thing from the tutorial. I wouldn't worry about it.

Finally, the following: As you go up, the number of crew slots increases, and if you intend to go all the way to BB6, you will eventually need a total of 14 sailors. This should include your BO, 2-4 gunners, 1 recon pilot, 6-8 engis, and any remainder in repairers. It's a good idea to plan ahead since you'll constantly be needing to level up new crews. To that extent, many players advocate getting a second bridge operator (usually around CA to BB1 level) and taking it up an alternate ship line while leveling up additional crew.