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  • IJN Sub Gun spot

    10. 02. 2016 19:54


I find having a gunner on the gun spot on IJN subs not very benificial. I tried placing the sonar and the planes man on the spot and they did not work. 

Would a seaman, repair, restore or eng work if I place them on the gun spot? 

Or is it better to leave the spot empty and save weight?

I am asking because I only have eng, sonar and planes man as far as support crew. I need to know which one of the above (seaman, repair, restore or eng) I should buy or level to use on the gun spot.

Thank you! 


  • Re : IJN Sub Gun spot

    10. 03. 2016 06:51


You are correct in that it's not very useful. Only the KM SS4 can really do interesting things with its guns.

As to what to put there, Engi and Seaman need to be in a support slot to work, but a repairer or restorer will give you full benefits anywhere, so those (or just leaving it empty to save weight) are the most common choices.

  • Re : IJN Sub Gun spot

    10. 04. 2016 20:45


Thank you. Very helpful!

  • Re : IJN Sub Gun spot

    02. 17. 2017 21:26


The sub gun can be useful if you are chasing a cv on the surface.  Also once in a sub v sub duel we circled each other until we both ran out of air but I was able to sink my opponent on the surface using my deck gun as we continued to circle.

  • Re : IJN Sub Gun spot

    04. 20. 2019 01:32


So you suggest to put gunner in SS 5/ 5.5 and 6

  • Re : IJN Sub Gun spot

    04. 20. 2019 20:49


Originally Posted by ranghena

So you suggest to put gunner in SS 5/ 5.5 and 6

Don't bother with a deck gun on any SS level, (Maybe except for KM SS4, cause its fun) Put a rep sailor on the deck gun slot.