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    10. 03. 2016 05:39

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boosting and gifting attract too much leecher, greedy kid and afker.
making of new tier can't be done repeatly

Suggestion (1)
*make new shiptree buttons in the dock panel
event ship into account tree (reuiqre tech point)
you can do the same next next years for
*ubb for HA, say it the habour tree,50% reload, -1 support, -50% ship turnning
*fleet bb for league, say it the fleet tree, double scout & torp space, -1 support

*event ebb1 need 100 techs... ebb7 need 700 techs... MOD need half points of its tier
* so 2800 techs for bb1 to bb7, similar to current ep system
*bb, cv start from their position, DD CL CA SS are dimmed.
*every day player do task to earn 4 points
*olive expense give tech points
*permium double the task reward
*new event will gift items or tech points
*refund techs for current ebbs. bb7 refunds 700 techs but it need 2800 for whole tree
*unlocked ship will be available in the MOD list (require credit to MOD)

*use specific colour for the type of ship
eg ebb dull, fleet bb greendish,ubb grey

suggestion (2)
*sell MOD (same stats but new SKIN) for direct income instead
*replace all current ebb to be the corresonding camouflage SKIN
*in a game like this, people will want the server live long, other than to keep a virtual item till server dead

suggestion (3)
sell new boost

*(heavier boost) +40% ability & +100% crew weight
*(lighter boost) -20% ability & -50% crew weight
all boosts replace each other on use. only 1 of them remain active

*unlock level 130 later

suggestion (4)
sell new sailor

(elite fat sailor) +50% ability +100% weight base on elite(+20, other 14), tradable
(super elite fat sailor) +50% ability +100% weight base on super elite(23, other 15), non-tradable
(elite thin sailor) -20% ability -50% weight base on elite (10, other 7), tradable
(super elite thin sailor) -20% ability -50% weight base on super elite (12, other 8), non-tradable

elite fat crews set 12000 tons compare to normal 6000 tons
heavier elite fat crews set become 24000 tons which is quite funny
lighter elite thin crew set end up 1500 tons only but its base is (8 other 6)

*player will combine it with delay class themselves
*this make it funs to level up due to odd weight