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  • single nation fleet league: good or bad idea?

    08. 16. 2011 03:08

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the idea has its origin in a post on the IJN forum asking info about an all IJN fleet.
this caused an uproar from some players, predicting that such a fleet would be totally crushed in a fleet battle,
for "obvious reasons" (still to be developped, but quite understandable).
this warning was certainly  right, in the case a single nation fleet would face an all nations fleet.

from there, my suggestion:

1) allow the creation of single nation fleets, at players will, in line with the current rules for fleets.
some nations may not be represented, some others could have severaldifferent fleets.
2) set rules and procedures, mainly the ship class limits, maps, duration and so on for a league that only
single nation fleets could enter.
may be the existing FL rules would require only minor adjustments.
3) organise battles between these  fleets, no matter their nation.
i.e. an IJN fleet could fight an another IJN fleet
4) if the numbers allow it, organise a fleet league tournament between nations, with selections if there
are several fleets in each represented nation.

1) a new mode could spark new interest and offer new perspectives
2) currently fleetless players might be attracted by this opportunity
3) focus on respective strengths and weaknesses of each nation, giving a sharper, more contrasted picture.
4) open the way for a new class of  nation specialists and experts
5) potentially allow the development of new strategies and gameplay.

1) new mode= new organisation, more hassle for the mods
2) too specialised, therefore too few adepts= battles would be meaningless
3) too much "nation linked", would unneccessarily ignite "nationalist" wars
4) if the nations, as they are, proved to be blatantly un-balanced = endless requests for a new balance
5) (and many more) = just unappropriate, unwanted, irrealistic or whatever...



  • Re : single nation fleet league: good or bad idea?

    08. 16. 2011 10:27

the option to create a national fleet is already available, is anyone willing to do so, and if so, is anyone willing to join?

we have done axis vs allies and it is already difficult to get even teams.

some fleets have enough members to form a team of one nation so a bracket could be formed where a certain fleet agrees to sign up and bring a certain nation. or send multiple teams of different nations to accommodate their members.

e.g. (this means example, not e.i.), fleet A gets all their members to bring UK ships and fleet B has a team of IJN ships while also having a team of KM ships in a different bracket.

Wont cause much nationalist issues since fleet A has members from all over the world who happen to play UK

This way there would be no hassle of creating fleets and having people choose among the nations they play. And face it, many of the people interested in this would have to leave their fleets.

of course some fleet members will have to be excluded but this happens in FL anyway. At least this will allow smaller ships to show up and represent their nation

  • Re : single nation fleet league: good or bad idea?

    08. 18. 2011 02:41

What I would love is some sort of "factional" warfare where you fight for a nation

  • Re : single nation fleet league: good or bad idea?

    08. 21. 2011 04:52

I like the idea and while I think every nation should have a particular strength or in te case of the US be well rounded but not superior in any aspect, it would make sense.

It would help people to understand the strengths and weaknesses of any particular nation and more people would learn to focus on that strength.

  • Re : single nation fleet league: good or bad idea?

    08. 21. 2011 15:12

I agree with kingkong,

I think its better just to orginize FW 1 nation vs 1nation
because main reason many players including myself have different nations
there are many players with 3 or 4 bb6
so let the fleets choose what nation they will bring in the FW
That will be much easyer to controle
and ofcourse alies vs axis are long time in nf