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  • The problem with screen resolution

    12. 19. 2016 17:31

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Category : Navy Field

The problem with screen resolution

Good day, I have a problem
When I downloaded a game, set and immediately went into her screen expansion was small, and I did not know what was going on as my level of English is a small, I'm from Ukraine, please help me.
Played earlier RU server, an experienced player
Sincerely vatson


  • Re : The problem with screen resolution

    12. 21. 2016 08:36


i dont know if this would help but you have to try close all programs, right click on desktop click properties click, screen resolution click resolution... try to lower the screen or set it to high very high.... good luck i hope this helps pm me if you see me

  • Re : The problem with screen resolution

    01. 08. 2017 07:50


If you have a Radeon video card in your graphics properties you can set the display scaling to Preserve Aspect Ratio. This will make it display normaly without it stretching it to fill out to the edges of the monitor if you have a widescreen display.