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  • Protect your game properties!

    01. 17. 2017 10:02

Dear Community,

Please protect your game property from other people!

When you login to our webpage from Internet Cafe or public places, 
please do not save your log in information on any internet browser (your account name and password). 

Even though our password code is very complex, if you saved this information, you information will be leaked easily. 

So, please be more careful when you use our website in public places, 
and remember to delete all the login information from the computers as soon as possible. 

Also, like we said many times, DO NOT share password  DO NOT share accounts. You will be responsible for all the bad behaviors the others done on your account. And if the others stole your crew because of account sharing. We will not provide any support.
 So please protect your game properties carefully.

Lastly, we recommend you to take screen shot regulary of your shipyard including your HQ and inventory.