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  • Official Facebook/Youtube/Discord/Twitch

    01. 18. 2017 04:59

Hello community,

Some players have expressed their concern that they couldn't receive proper support on Facebook page.
Please make sure you go to the official Facebook page otherwise your information maybe leaked to unknown 3rd parties.

Good news for players who likes to have verbal communication with others while playing NF.
This is the official Discord we provide. Please use it for communications only and don't reveal your personal information to anyone there, even GM!
  If you need support, still use the traditional support ticket way. 

We review our team all the time to make sure our team members is up to service standard and spend their time on improving the game and helping the community instead of playing drama. We have no time for that. We highly suggest players to be careful or even unfollow unnecessary pages to avoid chances of information leakage.