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  • website with more forum focus

    02. 13. 2017 15:27

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It would be nice to some of the "basic" forum functions and features. 

- Karma or points or whatever... plus for good posters and minus for bad posters
this is a quick way for anyone to look and see how most people feel about posters
- Hiden posts that get negged enough

- Post counts and post quick looks.
This lets you know the active posters and gives you the ablitly to see what they said and where 

- Forum profiles and sigs. 

- Hide just be able to hide people from "just your view" 

-  ip location

- Notifcation on "tagged" threads also theard tagging for a quick look at the threads you like

- PM button for quick pm's

Im sure I missed some stuff and I know not everyone will like the above but I think improving the forum is a great use of time and making it easier to use will help the whole community