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  • How to get your first BB, CV, SS fast (Beginner guide)

    09. 27. 2017 03:51

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As in every game which has to do with lvling up, at the beginning its funny to simply derp arround and have no clue what yo are doing. But after some time you may be getting to ask yourself how you are getting serious.
Here we have a guide how you can reach the ship you want the fastest way

LVl 1-12:
You are new to the game. Here are some tipps for you:

1. if you want to comunicate with your team simply hit "Enter" to open the chat console. Please dont't use this for spaming. If you have questions don't bothe to ask. The community is really helpfull. There are more chat comands. You can find them by typing "/?" in the chat console.
2. Your first ship will be a FF-01. Buy it by hitting the new button and the selecting it in the next window.
3. Put your crew on the ship. If you click on them you will see that they have difrent stats which are importan for classing them later.
4. Now you can start your first game by pushing the yellow button in front of your ship.
5.Then you are on the battle map. Where you can decide which game mode you want to play.
6. Blitzkrieg is a gamemode up to lvl 60 which lots of little ships. Nice for the start but slower lvling then in Great Battle.
7. Great Battle: Lots of big ships who may oneshot you but you will get one lvl evry game as long as you wait the 5 mins until your prem acc is finished ore some time so your team is able to do some dmg (yo will get xp for the damage dealed by your team too).
8. If you reach lvl 5 you may by a new neutral dd. Dont forget to install weapons (by klicking on the weaponslotys on your ship), an engine (on the right menu), an aiming system (above the engine, i would consider automatic for the start) and fill in ammunition (on the lower menu you can switch from force to ship, to open the loudout menu).
9. On lvl 6 you can class an radioman. you may need one if you want to join a fleet.

lvl 12:

1. Here yo can decide the nation you want to play. Decide wiseley you can not undo wht you decided.
2. Use an sailor with high potential stats for bridge operator. (13+)
3. Use 2 sailors with high reload and acc stats for gunner (11+, reload is more important)
4. you will also need engineers (engine stat), repairs (repair stat) and an scout (no special stat needed) for battleship (BB)
Engineer and repair hide behind the support category (class them to support at lvl 12)
5. fighter (fighter stat) and bomber (bomber stat) for carrier (CV)
This sailors and the scout hide behind special sailors category (class them special at lvl 12)
6. sonar- and planesman (potential stat) for submarine (SS)

Then choose your first nation dd and go on.

- Use GB for lvling (one lvl per game no matter wht you do, when you stay in long enough so you team can accumulate some dmg)
- Use Blitz for derping around or winning some frops in events (better sailors,...)
- Support your team in GB by hunting subs (only ff , dds, cls with sonarman and cv with sonarman can see them). Dont drive in Overhaet or you lose the contact. Kill them with depth charges or hedgehog.
- Support your team by using antiair to shoot down enemy planes. Use fast firing guns and manual aiming for antiair or you want hit anything. Aim for the shadows. The diffrence between shadow and plan shows you the hight of the plane. Adjust your gun angle until you hit it.

Good luck getting your first "big" ship