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  • FOR BEGINNERS ... every thing u need to know

    09. 27. 2017 04:47

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Hey every one i would like to welcome every new player in this amazing  game  ...

and i will explain everything in shortest way ..


1- this game have 4 type of ships you can use

    BB= Battle Ships

    CV= Carriers

    SS= Submarines

    Support Ships


2- every type of thos have Nation and class except Supports

   Class are for CV & BB  ( 1-2-3-4-5-6-7) and Unqie Ships & premium Ships

   Nations are :

  US = united Nation                         ( Good Fighters - Balanced Range for BBs )

  UK = united kingdom                      ( Very Good Armor For BBs )

  IJN = imperial Japanese nation       ( Good Range for BBs - Long Range for AA )              

  Km = kriegsmarine . ( Germany )     ( Longest Range BBs - Very Fast AA - Strong Fighters)

  MN = marine nationale ( France )    ( Powerful BB6  - Fast Ships - Long AA )

  SN = Sovit Nation ( Russia )             ( Range BBs - Best Dive Bombers )

  RM = Regia marina ( Italy )              ( Fastest Shoting BBs - Best Torpedo Bombers )


2- BB= Battle Ships (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Class

* This is Type of Ships That protect The Lane and There  3 positions you can play in North South  or Med  ... but most Players preferd South to give Full Veiw for the Mab

* every ship of that kind have Main Gunz and Secondary Gunz ( used for AA  or Anti Submarines ) and highers class you have longer Range you can use and more DP .. and i made Sheet for all Ranges for BBs With help of other  Players  You  can download it from here :

* you need to follow your Team mate in the battle to Win lanes and easy win the battle .

* and u have to use Your Scouts plane to discover the the enemy Ships


3- CV = Carriers (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Class

there are 4 type of way fro the CVs

 * FTW = Fighter Whore Cvs only fighters Give a better Vision and Blind the enemy .

 * DBW = Dive Bomber CVs only with Dive bombers this can take any BBs and win  

    Lanes  BUT if you faced other FTW it will be a problem 

    * TBW = Torpedo Bomber CVs only with torpedos and easy to use and for sure you

    have to stay away from Enemy FTW CVs .

 * Hyper = This type of Cvs can use all type of Planes ( Fighters - Bombers -  Torpedoo bombers or Scouts but i dont prefer that type if you are beginner

 * Higher Class You have more planes and Bigger Cv you have .