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  • New Player Carrier Guide! (How to play and Against)

    09. 28. 2017 15:05

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Alrighty, so you just bought your First Carrier, But how do you use it? Well, With these 10 tips and tricks you will soon master the Art of Scaring all the Ships in the game and how to defend yourself from these ships with another 5 Tips and Tricks!


1: Never Sail in a Straight Line. Submarines often Hunt for Unaware Carriers and a Single Torpedo can Ruin your Day, every minute change your direction and speed!


2: Learn the Diffrence between AP and He bombs! HE bombs are going to be your main Bomb at Low tier, but dont ignore AP! AP bombs work wonders against high tier ships with Deck armor where as HE would Fail.


3: Know your Carrier! All Carriers Are diffrent, even if two Carriers look identical. They can Carry Diffrent amount of Planes, Types, And Their Squadron Size.


4: Learn when and Where to Drop. Dropping Bombs or Torpedos on a Small Destroyer wont only result in a Miss but it will waste precious fuel and Ammo you could use to sink a larger Warship!


5: Learn the Limits of your planes! All planes have diffrent Fuel amounts and stats. Some nations may have better Fuel Economy while eithers Better Weaponry or Health!


6: Scouting is Vital as a Carrier, and you may not realise it. a Single Scout plane can alert your Team to potential threats and Aid in your own bombing experience!


7: Get To know how each plane works. torpedo planes work at a Low Altitude in order to Drop their Torpedo while Dive bombers work at a high altitude! Fighters can be placed at any altitude.


8: Always use fighters! a Squadron of Allied fighters over a friendly warship will prevent the Enemy from Dropping Bombs or Torpedos on your friendlies, and if tney try they loose a signifigant amount of power and your Team will thank you!


9: Dont Corner hug! Earlier i mentioned to always stay moving, that is Vital. If you Corner hug, not only are you a easy target for submarines and other ships, but your planes wont reach the combat effectively! hang back but not too far back away from your team!


10: Communicate with your Team! sometimes your team has a ship they cannot handle and only you can, and its up to you to ask them what needs to be focused! 


Now for the 5 tips on how to Combat Carriers:


1: Always stay close to another Ship, More then 1 if possible! Cruisers have Great AAW ability and can help deter or defend you from a Carrier looking at your Juicy battleship!


2: Learn how to manually fire Flak from your guns! Destroyers and secondaries do this well as they have Flak as an option and a short reload time, but dont tunnel vision on a Single scout plane if your in danger!


3: Scout planes are the bane of every ships existance. If you are a Submarine or a Small ship hunting, Stay away from those Scout planes! Alert your friendly CV to them and he will take it out for you


4: Carriers have Weak armor, so a few hits should knock one out, but just because they are weak doesnt mean they cant bite back! Watch out for Secondaries on the CV if you get up close


5: Watch for Escort ships! Carriers usually carry around some Form of Escort ship in the case they do get spotted and Targeted, You should focus on the Escort first to prevent yourself from taking too much damage and allowing the CV to speed away!


These are 10 Tips on CV gameplay and 5 on how to Combat CVs. I Hope you find this enjoyable and look forward to Battleship tricks! My Ingame name is SuBDivisions2 so if you want to learn more about Carriers, Dont feel afraid to message me!


-SuBDivisions2 (Steam User)
P.S. Learn the Ship Before you Sail her! Just because she is a New ship doesnt mean you can Fight with her off the bat! (Also if i manage to earn the ECV 5.5, Please be a US ECV <3)


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Hurrah i got 12 Recommendations! thank you to those 12 for Liking my Guide and i hope they serve you well! As for the ECv 5.5, If i may Recieve it i would be thankfull and May it Please be a USN ECV5.5, My Last ECV (6.5) Was Falco and i am never gunna be able to use her. My Steam ID is SuBDivisions2. 

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Great work!