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  • Aircraft and their operation:

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Aircraft and their operation:


Every CV has a number of current airports in the center list, pilots who can use CVs on board. Under the crew, one is F, TB , DB , and explorers.


as has been described in the FAQ, and is recommended by the crew to build each by himself.




Every flight squadron is required to prepare and refuel

the number of aircraft in the flight crew is limited to CV classes.

On screensote (saved in screenshots section I can not get it :() is the basic list for aircraft operators:

1: button to select the squadron

2: Tank Indicator and Squelch Release Button

3: the maximum number of aircraft on board for preparation or disembarkation

4: The number of remaining aircraft in a group on a ship

5: the number of aircraft in the squadron

6: Command for Dancing Squadron to prepare the text is ready (tanking) if it is in the air so to return to the boat text is bk home

7: finds a flyer on the map



press 1. to select the required squadron. press 5. to select the number of aircraft in the maximum flight is the value of the deck 3. by clicking on 6 the number of planes will begin to be prepared (on alert 2 is the rudder from the lava to the right) if the squadron is autoclaved and ready to emit the alarms change to the green plane. by clicking on this plane the flight leaves the ship and is in the air: D



airplanes in the air are marked according to the left pilot's location by the right numbers 1 through 9 by pressing the given number on the keypad to select the flight by repeatedly pressing the nano to center the image.

Flight direction is indicated by the squadron and by clicking on the right mouse button instead of tax. WHEN YOU HAVE OPENED AIRWORTHINESS NEWSLETTER TO LEAVE THE BOAT TO GET BUTTON G

Airplanes are returned to the ship when fuel is reached or can be called by the c 6 after the selected squadron is selected. (DB and TB return automatically after matching the load)


Car Bombing:


TB and DB, after marking, respond to the targeting with the right push button. Both TB and DB must have a bit of autobombing in the maximum height (DB you will notice this from BO TB not)

By clicking the right button on the terc, a red indicator is displayed around the taxi terch and start flying:

DB will land over the ship and will start to sink at this point you have to crush the right to the dice to make the aircraft drop bombs.

TB aircraft drops above the surface and continues to target TB with the right button spam does not just hit the marked targets once and the torpedo in the water. The closer the goal of the torpedo is dropped to the goal of the sanction is to hit the target


The advantage of the slot machine is that it does not necessarily have to devote much time, it can not be seen from the dangers of the aircraft, and can fly over and avoid it.


Manual Bombardment:


With TB you can manually launch a relatively simple task, highlight the squadron with the buttons in the lower altitude (select F10) with the right button to move the squadron to the target by clicking the torpedo bombing button.


The DB is a bit different:

mark the squadron, press the dive bombs, and press the button to find the place where the squadron is carrying the stumps to fly the place is in the game indicated by a small circle through which the airplane passes somewhere about the airplane: D When the squad reaches the taxi instead of the charge, throw again compressing the keys to the TORPEDO BOMBING developers) repeat the key DIVE BOMBING AND LEFT BUTTON OF MOUSE TO SELECT PLACE OF DIVING.

the aircraft can be bit at any height to enter the matching space, after entering the point of consistency I will begin to step.


An advantage is that there is nothing to be done about the task.) It is not a good idea to become accustomed to someone.)