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  • The Art of Auto-Attacking

    10. 07. 2017 09:38

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Greetings, fellow commanders!

Today, I wanna teach you some tips about auto-attacking which could be useful.

- Wait a second... An auto-attack guide? Are you serious? IS JUST POINT AND CLICK, MAN!

Yes, I know that is just point and click, but you must know how to properly aim and strike. The intention in this guide is to teach you how to properly AA outmatching your target. A lot of this content will be common sense, but sometimes the pressure can wreck you and make you commit common mistakes such as misclicking or shoot an ally.

Before we start, I seriously recommend you to do the In-game tutorial. It helps you to understand the very basics of the game. And please read whatever guide you can n the Tips and Tactics section.

First, you must know how to read your enemy's movements. This is important, since a good FF or DD captain will move a lot and abuse of overheating, and he/she definitely could waiting for an open from yourself, and unleash the fury of their cannons at you.
The key is predict and strike. Simple as that, impossible. Try to always outmaneuver your target.
Second, it's extremely important also to know the timing of your shots. Pay attention to the reload rate of your guns. For example, you're using a FF. Your cannons have a reloading time of 1.3 or 1.4 seconds. Good, abuse that space button, buddy! BUT, if you're on advanced levels and use bigger guns with heavier caliber, such as a CL or CA, like a 8" L for example, your reload will be longer (around 6-7 seconds). Long enough to get pummered by nearby enemies such as DDs or CLs with rapid-fire guns. In that case, wait your chance like a hunter to it's prey, then give them a good dose 8"s of love.
Third, you must pay attention to the range of your guns. You aren't a BB that can pummel you from the other side of the map, neither a CV that strikes anywhere, and can (AND WILL) blast you away from above. A trick to change the angle of the guns on auto-attack mode is aim-click on the front of your ship, then aim broadside on the distance you want, since you can't control the angle elevation of your guns. However, you can when manual aiming, but this isn't a manual guide. Feel free to roam on the tips section since there are tons of Manual guides.

Hope this simple guide helps you in the future.

This is marcheline, see you on the seas, commander!