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  • Simple operations for CV attacks

    10. 07. 2017 23:39

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    First,Take off: whether fish or bombing, all start with a larger number of teams, a smaller team, 2, 1, 4, 3, 6, 5, and at the same time, the shorter the take-off time, the better.

    Second,The build-up reduction of high: the bombing of assembly is simple, with geometric knowledge of middle school is designated in the two aircraft with long machine (the planes numbered) connecting the vertical center line as fixed focus, concentrated after the plane away. Fish machine assembly to increase one or two compared to the bombing and bombing action principle is the same: select the two fish machine, change the flight direction to the vertical center line of the long line machine fly (regardless of whether the attack direction is where, and then hand control) a team of aircraft to the vertical center line of a the far point (about 3-5 in a BB position) flight, then quickly switch to another plane, also change the direction of flight flight to the same point, so that the distance between the two fish captain machine will be more and more short, in two seconds before the machine is about to cross a long while selecting the two aircraft the two aircraft will immediately change the flight direction, so the fish machine to complete build-up, they fly very close! The fish must fly at a height of 0 before assembling!
    Third, A quick change of height(DB), first of all, a very important combination of keys, that is, the correct method of operation, the comma key (+) + the semicolon key (...). Method of operation: the left hand middle finger is placed on the comma key, and the index finger is placed on the semicolon key. When you use it, press the comma key with your middle finger and then press the semicolon key with the middle finger quickly. At the same time, the middle finger should also take control of the L key, and the index finger will take control of both ends. ) key. For this combination of keys must be operated very skilled, while the other two keys are very skilled. To describe the convenience, we call this combination key for the high key.
    Quick change to select the aircraft -- High button click to determine the location - high key. According to the selected aircraft high button with a left click on the screen in any direction, the plane is to change the direction of the past, while ensuring the formation dispersed, in the process of flying the aircraft can climb, in order to control the height, then a high key, the plane will only change direction, height unchanged.
    Fast height: pull up - - hold down the L button directly during flight - press the comma key directly during flight.
    At the same time to become high: select high button left click on the aircraft -- determine the location of ----L key (or comma), the last key combination fast variable high into the L key or comma button, can also press the L key to a comma key, a wave of flight. 

   This is my little experience.Thanks.