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    The Navy Field is mainly based on World War II, namely: Britain, the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Soviet Union, France. Players will control these seven countries in their favorite ship, and other players to team up the way to start the regional battle. The name of the ship in the game is named after the name of the ship.

    After the new players enter the terminal (here is for the players to buy and repair the ship's place) to buy their own ships, the bridge can choose 12 countries like the country. After the purchase of the vessel, equipped with the appropriate navigation system and fort and equipped with sailors and ammunition can enter the "battle" (Battle) combat room to set up and fight; old players can also upgrade to replace their ships and equipment to make their own ship The ship's ability to improve.

    On the naval warfare and ship knowledge interested players on the game master should feel more easy to get started, although the game ships divided into the following eight kinds of ships, but in fact the ship more diverse types of World War II in four countries Almost all types of ships will appear in the game, such as the battlefield of the three US aircraft carrier in York City. In addition, there are other US aircraft carriers in the game there are independent number, Borg and so on.

    The level of the ship in the game also follow the historical facts of World War II, and the corresponding English abbreviation:

FF escort ship

DD destroyer

CL light cruiser

CA heavy cruiser

BB warships

PA armored warships

Patrol warships

CV aircraft carrier

SS submarine

     The ship level determines the main combat effectiveness of the vessel, the higher the level of the ship can be equipped with the more advanced torpedo launch tube, artillery, engine, etc., and the game for this configuration provides enough freedom, can be configured according to their own preferences Strong artillery, or even abandon torpedoes, assemble more artillery, or vice versa. This "DIY" behavior does add a lot of fun to the game, experienced players through the transformation of the ship to suit their own way of fighting.

    In order to be able to have high-level ships, players in addition to the need to accumulate enough money, more importantly, have a high level of outstanding naval talent. This training is naturally from the beginning, the player in the dock to recruit a sailor (4 kinds of nationality have), and then through the victory to accumulate money to win, and the sailors get experience, to complete the upgrade and transfer. The sailors' occupation includes the navy, the commander, the mechanic, the gunner, the physical management expert, etc. If you want to buy and control a larger ship, a good commander is essential (the level also needs to be high enough). And a suitable bit of a good gunner can play in the battle of the power of the cannon, and so on. It can be seen that the cultivation of the sailors is also an important part of the game, the game sailors to develop ingredients greatly enriched the contents of the game.


    "Battle" is the place where the players are fighting their own ships, and here is divided into a number of theater, each theater has been divided into multiple regions, fighting in the region occurred. Players can set the beginning of the fighting rules, such as to play less, at least how many levels to participate, the maximum number of ships, etc., once a sufficient number of players to join, the fighting will soon begin.

    Gamers can also choose to create their own new game room and can choose according to their own preferences the number of fleets and the number of players, players can be divided according to their own preferences into different teams, the screen will show the proportion of the military battle for the players Make a choice.

     The victory of the battle is the need for a ship to defeat all the other ships, or the highest score after the end of time to win. After the battle, the system will provide the data in the battle for the players to watch their own performance and results, repair their own ships.


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