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  • Cv Crew

    10. 11. 2017 21:52


Hello, i got back into this game after the steam release and i'm rolling a US CV,however i started to read about "Classing late" for extra crew, can anyone guide me trough that?.
And when its the best time to boost a sailor? its better to make it later or early?


  • Re : Cv Crew

    10. 19. 2017 11:32


I would hate to give you any wrong info bu tif the check TIP & TACTITS secoin of the forums there is alot of CV help and info .

  • Re : Cv Crew

    04. 22. 2018 09:30


any CV crew--

cv4 5 FP, 2 DB/TB, 1 seaman or sonar or a 6th FP or a 3rd bomber.

max is 8 pilots so higher tier cvs would have 8 pilots with any remaining slots filled as above or with Engies.

launch pattern 2 of 1st 3 flights are max fighters.  NO RETURN doubles flight time. HAVE PLENTY ABOARD! always escort bombers half way, i e , except on return(FP NO RETURN).
approximately 75% fighters and 25% bombers loaded on ship. or maybe 80/20.

you can have a lilbit of fun with bombers .       AND it works!