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  • Redeeming Steam Event Items Guide

    10. 15. 2017 01:21

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This guide is to inform you of the specifics of the Steam Event in formal english, to clear up any miscommunication that is common when dealing with foreign companies.

Skype Support Group Thread:

Headline 4: Steam accounts Bridge Operator reaches level 50.
This can be easily claimed via the Skype Support group.  Join the group and include your username and that your Bridge Operator has reached level 50.  They will check if it has, and if so, will add the sailor package to your account.  Note that this is only available to steam accounts.

Headline 11&12:
"Charge" refers to buying olives.  Olives that are already owned are not counted, nor are olives spent.  You actually have to buy new olives.

1000 Olives bought will get you a EBB/ECV Coupon.
4000 Olives bought will get you a Specialized Ship I coupon.
Bonus olives from larger packages are included in the total olives bought.

During the event, you can only claim 2 Specialized Ship I coupons.
During the event, you can claim as many EBB/ECV coupons as you like.
Should you choose to claim a Specialized Ship I coupon, you do not get the EBB/ECV coupon for buying 1000 olives.

*How To*
The easiest and most efficient way to claim coupons is to use the Skype Support group.  When GM's are online, they can take care of these requests easily.  Join the Skype Support group and simply include your ingame username as well as what ship you want to claim.  They will check that you have bought enough olives then add the ship to your account.  The ship can then be redeemed ingame via the 'items' tab.

The ships that can be redeemed can be found:

If you need further clarification on something, feel free to ask on the Skype Support group, or ask here if you need a formal english version and I'll try to get the answers you need.

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