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  • AA Guide, Gunner + Guns for every Nation

    10. 19. 2017 14:13

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Ahoi Navyfield Fans,

here is my Guide about AA - using

1. which Gunner should i choose - you can choose normal Gunner or special AA Gunner

* advantage if you choose normal Gunner - you are able to use AA-Mun + normal HE/AP

* disadvantage - you can't use the special AA Guns with much faster Reload,

   which are only chooseale for AA classed gunner, i prefer to use real AA classed gunner

* Base 12 on Reload is more then enough for AA classed Gunner (AAW Base is not necessary)

   you will reach the reload cap for AA classed Gunner at 2.4 mio True Ability,

   normal Gunner need 2.7 mio TA to reach the Reload Cap

* but = AA Gunner are only chooseable for KM, IJN, USN, RN

2. Advantages / Disadvantages for every Nation

2.1 USN : less useful AA Nation

- short Range, high golden angle, but good reload
- Gunner : you can choose both, normal classed or AA classed Gunner
- if you choose AA classed gunner, there is an important issue for USN AA gunner

  class them only to Arm Sailor firstly, don't class them on LVL 20, 40 and 60 till you reach

  the 2.4 Mio Rel. Cap, otherwise you will lost a lot of Rel + Acc Ability every LVL

- means : at LVL12 = choose the Nation, class them to Arm Sailor, if you reached the

  Rel Cap, class to 2nd AA Gunner, directly to 1st AA Gunner and also to Chief AA Gunner

- other important point on late classing is, REP+Restore Ability also grow up every LVL

- usefull Guns

normal Gunner
LVL 17 : 2 x 3"/70cal Mark 23N, 1.2s Rel, 70 DMG/Shell, Angle 37° (nice RLD, poor Range, normal DMG)
LVL 20 : 2 x 5"/38cal Mark 38N, 1.60s Rel, 81 DMG/Shell, 38° (good RLD, middle Range, good DMG)
LVL 22 : 2 x 5"/38cal Mark 38L, 1.76s Rel, 81 DMG/Shell, 36° (good RLD, good Range, good DMG)
LVL 24 : 2 x 5"/38cal Mark 38D, 1.52s Rel, 81 DMG/Shell, 40° (good RLD, short Range, good DMG)

AA Gunner
LVL 29 : 2 x 3"/70cal Mark 23A, 1.08s Rel, 70 DMG/Shell, Anglel 40° (fast RLD, normal DMG, short Range)
LVL 33 : 2 x 5"/38cal Mark 38A, 1.44s Rel, 81 DMG/Shell, 43° (good RLD, good DMG, short Range)

IJN : best long range AA Nation

- long Range, good Reload
- IJN should only use real AA classed Gunner
- same classing procedure as USN
- choose Nation, class them to Arm. Sailor and don't class till you reach the Yamato

  (as Yamato is the first really useful AA platform)

- usefull Guns :
LVL 36 : 2 x 4.7"/45 Type 10A, 1.52s Rel, 60 DMG, Angle 27° (good RLD, long Range, middle DMG)
LVL 58: 3 x 6,1"/60 Type 3A, 3.00s Rel, 120 DMG, 27° (bad RLD, same Range, good DMG)

- extra Tip :

  on Yamato/Super Yamato put on the front/rear T-Slots the LVL58 3x6.1" guns and on

  the left/right T-Slots the LVL36 2x4.7" guns and you will get machine gun AA, as the

  reload is different between front/rear and left/right and after 3~5 salvos you will see it

KM : best AA Nation together with IJN

- long/mid Range AA, fastest Rel + good Range
- KM should choose like IJN also only AA Gunner

  advantage : the only nation, were you can use the Gunner @ LVL

- way to class : choose Nation, Arm Sailor, AA Gunner, Rapid Fire Gunner, that's it

  after Rapid Fire classing, don't class to Chf. Rapid Gunner, as you will lose ACC Ability

- useful Guns :
LVL 30, 2 x 3.46"/76 SK C/32, 0.8s Rel, 68 DMG, Angle 36° (superior RLD, short Range, middle DMG)
LVL 55, 2 x 4.1"/65 SK C/33A, 1.2s Rel, 84 DMG, 33° (good RLD, good Range, good DMG)
LVL 42, 2 x 5"/61 KM 40, 1.2s Rel, 99 DMG, 32° (same RLD, little bit more Range, best DMG for KM)

- Tip : on H39/H44 take on the bigger T-Slots LVL42 5" KM40 guns an on the smaller

  T-Slots the LVL55 4.1" guns, 1° difference is negligible

  on Kaiser use only LVL42 5" KM40's

RN : normally not that good AA Nation, they have other advantages in the game

- same as USN, you can choose normal or real AA classed Gunner
- short Range AA, bad Reload (except the POMPOM's), middle AA DMG
- same classing procedure as USN
- choose Nation, class them to Arm. Sailor and don't class till you reach the Rel Cap

- useful Guns

normal Gunner
LVL 30, 2 x 5,25"/50 RP 10 Mark I N, 2.48s Rel, 100 DMG, Angle 33° (poor RLD, good DMG)
LVL 31, 2 x 5,25"/50 RP 10 Mark I L, 2.72s Rel, 100 DMG, 32° (little bit slower RLD, little bit more range, same DMG)
LVL 31, 2 x 5,25"/50 RP 10 Mark I D, 2.36s Rel, 100 DMG, 36° (little bit faster RLD, shortest range, same DMG)

AA Gunner
LVL 45, 2pdr AA Shell (PomPom), 0.52s Rel, 18 DMG, Angel 51° (fastest Reload, but lowest DMG)

MN : usefull AA Nation

- long Range AA, good Rel, quite good Range, poor~good AA DMG, depends on the gun
- only normal Gunner available, no AA classing possible
- classing every time like your Main Gunner
- choose Nation, Gunner, Heavy Gunner, Huge Gunner, Chief Gunner

- Guns :

LVL 20, 2 x 3.5"/50 Model 1929 A, 1.56s Rel, 42 DMG, Angle 25° (longest Range, good RLD, poor DMG)
LVL 33, 2 x 5.1"/45 Model 1932 A, 2.20s Rel, 111 DMG, 34° (middle Range, good DMG, slow RLD)
LVL 45, 4 x 5.1"/45 Model 1932 A, 3.32s Rel, 111 DMG, 34° (same Range, same DMG, bad RLD)

- Tip : Richlieu use with 2x5.1" on the smaller T-Slots and 4x5.1" on bigger T-Slots = same

  effect like IJN Yamato

SN : useful AA Nation

- mid Range AA, middle Reload, good AA DMG
- same as MN, only normal Gunner available
- classing like MN
- choose Nation, Gunner, Heavy Gunner, Huge Gunner, Chief Gunner

- Guns :

LVL 30, 2 x 3.9"/50 "Minizini", 1.56s Rel, 60 DMG, Angle 36° (short Range, middle DMG, good RLD)
LVL 32, 2 x 5.1"/45 SD-2, 2.76s Rel, 95 DMG, 30° (good Range, good DMG, bad RLD)
LVL 25, 3 x 6"/57 Pattern 1938, 3.12s Rel, 109 DMG, 34°~36° (god Range, best DM