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  • some tips quit smoke

    08. 20. 2011 01:25

 From several days try to quite smoke( i was smoke 3 packages per day)now use 1 electronic cigar but is kinda sux(i use 1 cheap version).I would like if possible some tips from gamers who managed quiting  this,.I appreciate all opinions to try.


  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 20. 2011 02:32

I heard that If you can suffer for 3 days with no smoking. No electronic cigars. That the 4th day will be easier, 5th day even more. And so on. But YOU CANNOT break that first 3 day period.

  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 20. 2011 09:52

something to keep ur mouth busy like chewing gum, & drink lots of water.. That's all I got.. Hope they somewhat help. Think of all the $ U'll save =)

  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 20. 2011 10:22

well i used to smoke 3 boxes of cig but since i changed my work
i barely smoke 5 cig a day
it's all related Psychological issues bud

the best way is to make your self busy with other things so you forget to smoke
i can handle 14 hours with out smoking sometimes even more

  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 22. 2011 00:23

best tips unti now is to ghet busy all time:)... tnx

  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 22. 2011 06:41

I quit 3 years ago. Here's what I did:

1. Bought nicotine gum. One gum is so strong so I eat 1/2 gum at a time.
2. Stayed out of smoking friends. It helped that my drinking buddies didn't smoke.
3. Brushed my teeth every time I had the urge (aside from nicotine gum).
4. Went to the gym 3 times a week.

I chewed nicotine gum for about 3 months. After that, I didn't need it anymore.

  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 22. 2011 08:11

I've quit smoking a few times for different reasons, mostly when I was in school since I was a wrestler. The main thing is having a good reason why you dont want to smoke. If you dont want to stop its hard to muster the will to do it. If you really enjoy smoking like I do then you must make the cigarettes unappealing. For a week or so before you stop switch brands every pack and alternate between menthol and regular and gradually smoke less and less. Then you just have to keep yourself busy, video games help alot and so does hanging out in non smoking environments. For the oral fixation that most smokers crave more then the nicotine gum helps or chewing on a pen.

  • Re : some tips quit smoke

    08. 22. 2011 08:34

Mark Twain said something along the lines of, "Who said quitting smoking is difficult? I've done it a hundred times." I'm too lazy to find the exact quote :P

Avoid situations where you'd typically smoke (bars, morning coffee breaks, etc.), have something to help with the oral fixation (gum, toothpicks, candy, etc.), and don't beat yourself up if you falter a bit and smoke a few.

I'd also suggest keeping a tally of the amount of money you saved each day; being able to look down and see the amount of money you didn't spend on cigarettes can lift your spirits a bit when you're feeling like crap.