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  • Guid for Fighter and Fighter/Scout CV

    11. 17. 2017 08:22

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To mention at Beginning 
This Guid is for Endgameplaying and the way to endgameplay

To stard of 

A CV 6 can Carry 8 diverend Pilotes 
In a Clasic FW CV u use 8 Fighters to make Light or your own Team Dark (shoting Planes Down)

In a Fighter/Scout CV u can chose betwen 7/1 and 6/2 where I recoment to use 6/2


For a CV6 u need atleast 14 sailers but If u are Lvling for HD/HA u schoud perhaps Lvl up more then needet because Different Situations need other setups
here are some kind of Sailers theat u schoud use 

Fighters: schoud be atleast Base 13 (elite) or higher and dont Clas them higher then Fighter because they will get more crew and this will get the ability much more highter then Full clased Fighter. Put as much Vets on them as u can/want but for HA/HD u schoud Atleast have like 250 Vets and the remaining schoud be experts.

Scout: can be any Sailer with a high Aircraft atribute it schoud only have like 150 veterans to restand the AAW of any kind of BB

Seameen: Schoud be Sailers with High stats in all Abilitys like Hero Sailer or better and schoud atleast get like 200 and more Veterans (they schoud help your fighters to become even stronger)
 But Remember 
1 Seameen gives 100%
2 Seameen give only 80%
3 Seameen give only 60% 
So u Schoud use 2 or only 1 Seameen at time.

Gunner: Every Ship schoud defend itself against others so u Schoud use Gunner (atleast 1)
Use Gunner like them form BB ( Reload in RM IJN KM SN MN and ACC clased to Reload in RN and US)

Sonameen: Schoud have a High Potenzial Stat like 15 or higher and have like 150 Veterans and remaining Sailers schoud be Experts.

The Nation
Best Fighter CVs u can find in the Nations RM, KM US
usefull are IJN and MN 
and not much be used schoud be RN and SN

Lvling Up

You schoud use 2 BOs to lvl up till CV4 so your crew does not Seperate himself from the Crew to much. Using Flak in IJN KM can be realy Helpfull or using HH on other nations to hunt SS to lvl up Till CV3. 
From CV3 on You shoud Rotade your 2 Scouts and the 6/8 Fighter so they Stay on the Same lvl.
The Gunner and Seameen both work on the Gunslot so u can rotade the Gunner and Seameen.

The Premium Carryer is Realy helpful in high lvl because u can use the Full CV6 Crew on it

The Gameplay
Remaining on your Setup u have different jobs u have to do 

If u have Gunner and Sona then Use them to sink SS witch try to sink your BBs. So Stay behind but not far away from your BBs.
It Also Helps alot if u only have a Sona without HH because most BB have them and are redy to use them as far as they see the Submarine.

Your other job as Ftr and Ftr/Ruki CV is to Make Light so your BBs can Sink the other Team much easyer. 
And here is the Big Differince betwen a Full Fighter CV and a CV with 6/2 or 7/1 Setup.

A Scout has a much Higher Time it can make Light then any kind of Fighter so u dont neet to Send Fighter Permanently to the Enemys Side. 
You Schoud Use your Fighters to Protect your Scout or Shotdown your Enemys Fighter/Scouts/Bombers to get help your Team.

While A Only Fighter CV can only Make light with his Fighter u can Make Light with the scouts and concentrate on other thinks like Shoting down The enemys planes or Sinken Subs.

Like I Said it is Recomendet to lvl up more then only the 14 sailer u need. 
On my CVs  I normaly Lvl up 2 Scouts 8 Fighters 2 Seamens 2 Gunner and 1 Sona 
so i can Switch betwen different Playstiles from Making Light to making Shotdown while Defending my BBs from Enemys Submarines

MFG Umbreon

Ps. Hope I helped you with my Guid if there are any remaining Questions pls ask me here or Ingame 


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I like this guide, recommended !!