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    12. 05. 2017 00:22

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Hi there
Here are my 10 hubble tips for starter (like myself)

1- Choose one nation first (dont spread for multiple ship in different nation at least stay with ally or axis

2- Reroll a lot for good stat crew at least 11 in what you want ( you can hire up to 60 sailor )
3- Get expert and veteran as soon as possible.
For that you need  gun who give lots of trainig, spare some weight on ship and lots os recruit

4- Use the training bb in mission 4 to quickly mass lvl 10 your sailor. (you have only 24h to use this bb)

5- Skip few  ship in dd and cl class. At start you dont have a lot of money and bigger ship give bigger earning.

6- Avoid to be a easy target. dont navigate in straight line and change your cruising speed.

7- Your job if not playing bb, cv or ss is: shoot airplanes, speed decoy, torp spam, harassing ennemy cv, scouting and anti-sub warfare.

8-  SS is a good alternative to bb and cv. Dont listen player who said ''SS player have no skill. '' submarine is part of this game.

9- in great battle dont rush the bb line (they can one shot you) be patiient for opportunity.

10- in blitzkrieg stay in group. focus fire to get them one by one and use torp on those heavy armor ship.

11- neutral torp are not good (slow and less damage)

12- if not enought recruit expert and vet will get kill more quickly.

13- With the bb line there's a sort of rythm back and forward like in boxing to shoot other ship

Hope it will help you out.
feel free to leave comment.