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  • Probs with Escort Ship

    05. 15. 2018 02:45

Hello I need help. my crew and my escort ship are wasting. 
they are not in company with them and not in port.
I can also build from the BO still exists please ask for help

Ship: Cl-Emden 
KMCrew : SS BO and AA gunner more ??
Nation: KM
ID :  Traudichdoch


I heard there are many with the problem


  • Re : Probs with Escort Ship

    05. 15. 2018 05:26


Escort ship, My  KM edmen is stuck in limbo. red flagged BO level 96 plus, km aa gunners level 122, one support. Ship Does not show up in escort screen or harbor. When I try to purchase a new one report says cannot have two of same ship. So my ship and crew are somewhere but cannot see or dismiss from escort duty. Please help. Thanks Semmes.



  • Re : Probs with Escort Ship

    05. 18. 2018 02:18


I lost my SS6 IJN BO! Wrote ticket 4 days ago...
No Answer! Did you resafe the Ticket? 
Can i get some answer?