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  • Combined Server Grand Opening! V2.001

    06. 30. 2018 23:41

Dear Community,

Thank you for the long wait and the consolidation between two servers is finally succeeded. You are now able to join the global server and taste the new updates we prepared for you! 

For NFNA players with Regular and Steam account both have to activate your account first. Check out the Activation Guide for more instructions.
>>>Activation Guide click here<<<

After the opening of the Global Server, you can choose among 12 international access points for the best latency and reduce lag, just choose the point which is closest to your location. 

And due to the long consolidation period, we decided to gift all NavyField:Fleet Mission players 2000 gold (The store and olives system have changed completely, we will explain when the Item store and Medal store is reopened later) and 14 days Premium Account. Sorry for the inconvenience caused during the consolidation and thank you for all your continuous support! 

>>>Game Download click here<<<

NavyField:Fleet Mission Version 2.001
1.  Sailor waiting list increased from 50 > 100
2.  Expert gaining rate increased from 100% > 115% in all rooms except World at War, Harbor Assault and Mission
3.  Crew death rate lowered from 50% > 15 % in all rooms except World at War and Mission 
4.  Standard Exp is increased from 100% > 300% 
5.  Premium account get 200% expert gaining rate on top of the basic gaining rate (=125% X 200%)
6.  Premium account get 180% more Exp on top of the basic gaining rate (=300% x 180%) + 2000 Bonus Exp/Credit/Point
7.  30% XP item will have additional 30% bonus on top of the basic rate (=300% x 130%), its effect can work with Premium Account at the same time(=300% x 1.3 x 1.8)
8.  Battle room ship loading issue fixed
9.  Crash rate lowered from 60% to 10% (Only on result screen and Harbor ending screen now)
10. Sony Authorized Music
11. Window mode is ready to be choose in the Game Launcher
12. English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese are auto detected when you enter the game
13. Zoom in and out with F11 have fixed to two ratio (Either largest or smallest zooming)
14. Expert gain and crew death notification have moved to the battle result screen
15. Screenshot will now be saved inside the screenshot folder under game directory
16. Trade button in shipyard has changed to ranking button
16. New packs and items are added to Item Store and Medal Store
17. Added total 12 worldwide server access point now for best latency
18. New debug system - Bug Trap. So we are able to analyze client issues more accurately

Thank you and enjoy, 
Fleet Mission(NavyField) Management Team