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  • Lag issues

    08. 28. 2018 14:56


I am from Central Europe.

Honestly I do not play NF due terrible lags after the merger. Of course I use to login on the dedicated server in Europe (dont even know if that really exists?!). For exemple shooting and changing the course takes at least 2 seconds to be executed after activating the certain functions.

When playing NFNA on the EC server I experienced quite good technical conditions.

So hereby I am asking other european players about their current experience at Fleet Mission regarding connection matters?!

At the current state, to me its too frustating to be motivated enough to continue playing NF.


  • Re : Lag issues

    08. 30. 2018 17:32



germany here

as i can speak for me, only for me, i have 99% no "laggs".

since may 2017...NA and now here.

here maybe a little more delay about max 0.5s or so. just a feeling...

using europe login

but i dont drive BB...only cv and ss.

so maybe i dont notice it if some bigger laggs occur sometimes (no gunlines etc)


as my personal opinion, the lagg issue has nothing to do with hardware or internet networking quality.

i say its something like software conflicts on your every personal "battle station" or something other mysterious things happen with the data

(you may kill me for that...*g*)


1) i had some laggs before may 2017. i deinstalled malwarebyte anti-malware, changed to Gdata.

all fine since then. random?

2) i am playing on 2 different very old computers

       *  (~2007) xp-pro laptop via WLAN (16k), very bad connection because through complete house. "just working somehow"

        * old pre-owned PC with win7 via handy/mobile usb-stick (very slow!!) as "reserve". this one "naked", only 2 game for the children and NF/temspeak on it

both running completely smooth!


3) i tested my laptop in the house of fleetmate who is suffering some laggs  too. connected to his router...nothing, all fine

4) traffic of NF is VERY low...not much data on the way


maybe ask intelligence services in china, russia and old friends NSA ?  :-))


only issue i have:

that "processor killer" game guard software, always running in background, cpu useage up >80% and in summer sometimes overheating -> total shutdowns

(remember : old, slow mashines)

moments before severe laggs due to overheating processor clocking down

maybe we should stop game guard? pointless anyway...


or all random :-9








  • Re : Lag issues

    08. 30. 2018 23:12


Thx for reply Weazle!

Also Germany calling.


Thing is, that its all about the merger. Nothing else changed at my battlestation.

Before the switch I had a really good latency too.


I am also not happy with the setup file of kupaisky and the gameguard. It seems to be a very invasive code to OPsystems.


But the info, that it basically might work better could be helpful. I also experienced too much lagg when using subs. Its annoying due maneuvring disadvantages in direct combat with other subs.

  • Re : Lag issues

    09. 07. 2018 00:28



before the chinese update, the game seemed to work ok in terms of lag, normal that it has a little bit of delay, but every now and then i get a 1-2 second delay. i believe it has something to do with the new system. not sure.

  • Re : Lag issues

    03. 15. 2019 08:15


Lately I logged in and gave it another try.

I am positively surprised, that atm it seems to run much better than before. The current delay is something between NFNA westcoast and eastcoast. After NFNA settled to EC it was really nice for me to play.

What I am experiencing here is not much worse than the last situation at NFNA, which makes it playable.

I am wondering what had changed since I was last playing like 5 months ago.

Only thing I see for now is that I am currently using only onboard graphics instead of a GTX 970. But could a downgrade cause such an improvement? Or were there some effective measurements from the game provider´s side?

However, lets see if I will spare for some more rounds of gay ole NF one.