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  • New CV 6 for Royal Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy

    10. 05. 2018 19:59

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It is haa been too since I last played this. I had many fond memories of this game from my high school days (I am now 28). Sad that I had moved on and most of my game account progress had been lost

Despite the more than a decade of not touching this game I have noticed that this game still has many issue the developers had not updated the CV 6 of the British and Japanese navies. They are still using the Midway which is an American ship and the Japanese are using the fictional German De Grasse. Isn't time that the British and Japanese finally get their own designs instead of just wasting time with gimicky promotional ships.

The British CV 6 in my opinion can be a downsized version of the Habakkuk project carrier which was a british secrete project of ww2 to build an aircraft carrier made of pykrete (a mixture of wood pulp and ice). The Navyfield version of the Habakkuk would be alot smaller and would be made of steel.

The Japanese CV 6 would be the G-15 Project which was an Improved version of the Taiho which would have been redesigned to fix the design flaws of the Taiho.Why I went for the G15 instead of a super Shinano is because the Shinano carrier conversion in real life was a rather pathetic vessel (not unsuprisigly as it was an emergency conversion due to the disaterous loss of 4 carriers at Midway and was would have only carrier at most 47 planes while the two Sh?kaku-class carriers and the Taiho were capable of carrying sigificantly more planes despite being smaller than the Shinano.